Eggs fried in water (failed poached actually) and prosciutto.

Because food styling helps your breakfast look better???

Who am I kidding la haha

Thankfully I have a cute dining companion who smiles like a cheekopek.

Snacking on water chestnut and grapes.

My lunch today.

Earl grey tea and larabar pecan pie flavour.

Getting worried I'm not reaching my target weight for conception. 😨😰😰

Y suddenly so handsome?????

Neck tie abit fat though. Just like wife.


I'm out window shopping for a little "me" time but can't help check the cctv.

I spy with my little eye, a cute butt which I just put for nap at nearly 2pm. So fast wake up already.

Early dinner today.

Businessman wazen from
Ichiban boshi.


Same breakfast as yesterday.


Yesterday artichoke lemon chicken and Zucchini noodles.


Weehee. Back from school!!

It's play time now!!

Not like they did any studying in school.

Heheh so cute!!

3.45pm snack time.

Having some chocolate biscuits or was it strawberries. This cctv low resolution, so can't be sure!


Dairy intolerant

I had a cup of milo+NescafΓ© for an after lunch "perk me up" at 12.30pm.

And I've been to the toilet twice already! (It's now 3.50pm)

Ok ok! I concede defeat. I won't take anymore dairy. *waves white flag*

Oh dear!

Isaac has made the local cafe here his playground.

Playing with Wesley korkor his distant cousin.

Post Scope – day 1

Good morning!

Back to paleoish breakfast.

Mushroom pizza frittata with a side of avocado.

My lower ab still kinda aches.


Lemon roasted chicken and simple salad.

Lower tummy still aches.


Having his dinner time now.

Couldn't see him on the cctv since 12.30pm. Must have been sleeping since he got back from school


Having fun in the park.

Decided to take off his shoes and socks and run wild and free.

Also, this happen yesterday when I brought him out for a walk.

The neighbourhood jie Jie decided that he needed some "sprucing" up.

At first it was only a coconut tree top. And they decided to take a selfie of it.

Having fun this Jiejie.

Glad he is ok with being "played" around.

So pretty the chicken for dinner tonight.

My not so #portioncontrol

Artichoke lemon chicken with capers and side of zucchini noodles.

I sound like a yo-yo crazed lady on dayre

Oh man, after leaving comments everywhere on dayre about yoyoing, and wanting little girls, I think I sound like a sexual pervert!!!

All this is @cikumuffin goading me to have a little girl.

And thanks ah @evelinegan ah ma for coining the term "yo".

Cough cough go away. Come again another day. Eh wait. Don't ever come again.

Back to back cough man!!

Plus just popped 2 panadols and shot of cough mixture.


Scope Day!

At the hospital now.

Just gotten myself registered in the endoscopy center.

Tummy still rumbling.

I did go again at 3.00 am. And another time this morning. I think it's quite prepped now my bowels.

Hands strategically placed to cover my parts hehe.

Feeling light hearted now.

Everything is ok.

Just lower colon had a very small polyp which the dr burn off. It hasn't got anything to do with my symptoms though.

In a week will know the blood result of the gluten intolerance and celiac disease markers.

Hello post man!!! Sleeping on the job ah???

Letter was written on 10th January and today 25 February only sampai!!!!

But seriously, when I saw the letter I told serhon I got love letter!!! Finally. And both of us feel feel and molest the letter and exclaim "got gift inside also!"

Like school girls (yes girls) we open the letter (after putting isaac to sleep) and read it!! I can haz rainbow loom bracelet too!!

First one. So sweet of sister 2 to make for me. I shall wear it!!

And make isaac jealous.

He sure will ask a million questions about it. Thank you so much!!

And yes, of course I love receiving mails. It gives us a good feeling.

And it's icing on my cake after my scope ordeal.


Warm inside now!!

Chronology of scope

7.05am: Wave bye bye to a bawling isaac and left house to walk to the hospital with serhon.

7.15am: Reached Mt E novena endoscopy center and proceed to register myself for the procedure. Made a mental note to give birth here for the next baby cos so freaking near where we live. Also told it out loud to the husband.

7.35am: Done registering and signed all documents. Nurse from scope room ushered me into my room (room number πŸ’Ž422; yes with the πŸ’Ž infront).

Checked my height and weight.

I lost 1kg from the night before and gain 0.5cm in height. After all that Bowel cleansing, slightly disappointed only 1kg was lost.

The nurse proceeds to take my BP and ask about my bowel prep for her admission notes. Was told to change and how to wear the gown.
Changed and ask serhon to take a #ootd for me. Noted some body parts were poking out from surgical gown and retook with strategically place hands.

Chatted a little bit with the husband. Husband was nervous and need to take a dump

8.01am: husband fasterly ran to the loo and deposited what he needed to deposit.

8.05am: scope room nurse came and checked my details and wheel me into the scope room.

8.08am: Oxygen nasal prong was placed into my err nasal. BP monitoring was strap into my arms. Proceeds to insert a canula to administer my IV sedative.

Was asked to lie on my left and stick my butt out and knees tucked in for the drs easy access. Thought it look funny and giggled to myself. Oxygen then came on.

Thought the oxygen stank due to the rubbery smell of the nasal prong.

From the time I was wheeled into the room husband was out of the picture.

8.13am: Dr arrived and ask me how I feel after the bowel cleanse. I said it was painful. He commented a few ppl enjoyed the process and like it like a colon cleansing. Thought who in the right mind enjoys having explosive diarrhea.

8.18am: He proceeds to administer fentanyl and midazolam into my canula. After 10 seconds I told him

"Wah the sedative a fast acting! I feel sleepy already"

I think he ask me to bite the mouth guard and I can't remember anything already after that!!!

Awaken suddenly and felt pressure on my lower abdomen. His hands was pressing and could feel the probe "mucking around" in my colon.

Drifted back to sleep.

8.50am: Next thing I know I was wheeled back into my room.

Heard dr talk to my husband about my colon being very clean thus biopsy not taken. Did find a polyp but he burned it off.

Drifted in and out of sleep again till about 9.40am.

Nurse came and ask me whether I wanted milo or coffee to be served with my breakfast. I think I mumbled coffee and close my eyes again.

Taken at 9.01am.

So irresistibly chio that my husband had to snap a picture of me.

10.01am:Breakfast served.

Must be Dam hungry because the sand which is the most yummiest thing I've eaten in a while. The soup on the left was bland but like chicken essence. Coffee was coffee.

10.20am: Nurse came back and told me the results and where to pay and ask me to proceed to see the dr in his office once I'm conscious enough to walk.

10.40am: Got myself changed back to normal clothes, paid my bills and dropped a feedback form where I praised and mention the nurse name that attended to me.

11.00am: Back at the specialist office to hear my scope review.

Was given my h.pylori test kit to read back at home. It has part of my stomach lining in it!!

So far so good. Not positive yet.

Discussed my diagnosis for a little bit with the dr.

I must say that he is really funny. If anyone needs their tummy checked out, I will certainly recommend him.

And he is very fast! Imagine for both upper and lower GI track scope only took him less than 30 minutes.

Currently I'm still trying to fart out all the gas that was pumped in for the scope.

I'm having some slight discomfort in my lower tummy but nothing alarming.

Was told to look out for flesh blood due to the removal of the polyps but otherwise I feel good. Abit drowsy only for the whole day.

Dr visit. Scheduled for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow.

I'm here to save the dayyyy!!! Zzzzzzzz

Kissing his (not so little) feet to try and wake him up.

I've always loved nibbling and smelling his feet. Infact I love babies feet. So cute!!

Back to the daily grind.

Kind of tired of eating.

Little shit is back from school.

Terrorizing the helper.

I've finally went to my GP to get my shit (literally) sorted out.

Been experiencing very bad bloat and nausea since cny and since eating so much chinese food with loads of processed shit in it.

This nauseas gaseous has been going on for 3-4 years now and I think it's high time I really get it checked out.

Will go and see a gastroenterologist later in the afternoon!!

Hope it's nothing sinister.

I think he will definitely suggest a scope as what my husband has told me to do.

Breaking news!

Will be going for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow.

First gastroscopy and he will take a deep tissue biopsy.

Then after colonoscopy to see if anything. If there is polyps, he will remove it.

Investigate the shit out of my shit.

Also took blood test. 4 tubes of blood was drawn out.

Testing for celiac and igA. I think for gluten intolerance.

Fuuuu. Don't wanna presume anymore.

Fasting from now.

Can eat some soft food like porridge and all.

Lucky I told my helper to make Bakuteh.

Can drink some soup later.

I'm still farting myself out now.

Aihh. Ok la gonna get some rest.

Wish me luck tomorrow guys!

Potty training success!!!

You know you're a mom when u see ur child peeing and pooping into the potty and your heart just burst with pride.

We just recently started training him about a week ago.

I guess he was matured enough to understand and today is diaper less day after coming back to school.

He is nearly 32 months and I think he's got his bowels now.

Yesterday he managed to poop in the adult toilet too!!

Got to dissolve this in 2 liters of water and get it all down by 9.15pm.

Flush the shit out.

And by 9.30pm, away she blows!


And just 5 minutes ago, husband ask if I feel anything yet???


I only manage to drink 1.75 L. Another few more gulps to go!!

But I've already gone.

Nvm cleanse more so tomorrow scope can see clearly.

Also, removing my ugly pedicure for the scope.

Don't want the dr and the nurses to comment that my toe nails so ugly amongst other things haha.

And the pedicure didn't even last a week. Fail.

I think my nails eats polish for breakfast

I sure hope by tomorrow morning, my stomach will be "pee pee" flat like beauty queen.

Lau 3 times already ah!!! So high intensity sumore.


Isaacs first performance. School cny celebration.

Isaac first formal performance ever!!

In conjunction with cny, his school had a celebration. Parents were invited to come and "party" with the kids.

All children from PN to K2 took turns to perform.

This was first round

All going well for the first minute.

Then he spotted me and all hell broke lose after.


So clingy after the school holidays.

On another 🐣 note

I bought a basal body temperature thermometer.

Got it at watson for sgd23.00

It's by OMRON healthcare and it has 2 decimal places. Should be pretty accurate.

Imma start tracking again this round!!

Happy CNY 2015.

Happy year of the goat to everyone!!!

From our little family to everybody!

Sorry haven't got time to dayre proper. I'm exhausted from all the eating and traveling!!!

Huat ahhhhh!!!

To all the jie jies of dayre world, have a great year ahead.

@chatoyant @calistallicious @jennyyong @beingee @cleochong @cikumuffin @deborahnah @delight @doooduuu @3sth3r @evelinegan @fondamentally @ffellie @growingwiththetans @iviswee @yellojelloo @jennylau @jayelleenelial @soufflesecrets @kimmikim @kianga @kimberlycun @mummytong @teeheehee @shalinho @strawbee @zeenoda

And to all the kor kor, gong xi fa cai to you too!!

@xescx @xiive @hansumboi @shaolintiger

With my side of the family.

Epic beautification day.

Today is "beautify" me day.

At the salon now for a hair make over.

But having waited for 2 hrs and didn't get much done, went and did me nails with the in house nail salon.

Nice ah?

Gel manicure so that can last till cny.

Fuuuu update.

So halfway or rather, 1/3 through doing my hair, the salon ran out of water!!!!!!

Fuuuuuu!!!! Only the top part of my hair was done.

But I pity them la. No warning or anything, water cut! How to run hair salon business like this.

Truly Malaysia boleh! Sigh.

So in the midst of waiting, the nail technician ask,

"Miss want to continue with your pedicure?"

Wahh I said wait wait. Let me clean my feet for you.

I mean. I'm like 😳😳😳😳😳 my feet got hair, got dirt, smell funky and you dare to do my toenails ah.


so I took Isaacs baby wipes and cleaned each toenails and toes properly. Rub my feet over 3-4 times with the wipes.

N she proceeded to crouch on the hair filled floor n did my nails.

Wahhh. Salute her!

Bahahah. My still dirty feet. All coloured now.

Chose a matte red colour.

Nice ah.

5 hours and counting.

And only 2/3 done.

Haha I hope got enough water later to wash the chemical out and highlight it pink.

And, if your think I'm patient to have waited for 6 hrs for my hair to finish, you haven't met the saint of a husband.

He waited for me at the salon just nuaing for 6 hours next to me doing nothing (ok he said he is catching up on his TV show on his iPad) just patiently waiting for me to be done.

And since he was at the salon, he just nicely ask got time to cut his hair ah.

Come everybody. Clap for him. Clap for his patience.

You really want him to be your doctor. He will patiently wait

He never complaint once.

Ok he did ask out of curiosity how much my hair is gonna cost.

Only then he made a face. A wtf face so bloody expensive face.


No flowers for Valentine's Day but I get repaid with patience and kindness.

Ok – win la. 😚😚

Hello everybody.

It's 10.45pm and I'm doing the last of my treatment. Hair steaming time.

It's been a total of 9 hours in the bloody salon.

To be fair, the staff had to source water outside.

Fill it in their buckets

And HANDWASH every bodies hair!!!

And us girls go like 5-6 rounds even more of washing after every perm, dye, treatment steam etc.

Finally, the husband complain

He said this is an EPIC wait la.

I totally agree.

And I'm done.

11.15pm only finish

Because the highlight didn't take.

My hair has too much "oil & moisture" for the colour to be absorbed.

But she said that if you think it's not red enough, please come back to redo. And when there is water.

Haha. Poor them and poor me.

And poor husband for waiting 9 hrs for me!!!

Can't see the highlights at all right??

Hai yah.

Nah. 9 hours job.

You all be the judge la.

Best Valentine’s Day. Isaac can tolerate baked dairy and egg products.

Good morning everyone!!!

Happy Valentine's Day.

We are out for some French breakfast hehe.

Croissants and black coffee.

My valentines for today and everyday. πŸ‘«πŸ‘ͺπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’—πŸ’—

And classic eggs Benedict. The croissants only where got enough for me!

Ok everybody, we are going to try Isaac on croissants.

Why so "big deal"?

Well, because it's made with butter (duh) and *drumroll* egg wash!!! 😱😱😱😱

The last time he touched egg, it didn't go down too well.

His allergist told us to try him on highly cooked temperature egg and dairy stuff on him after the last round of consultation.

He ate croissants at 9.30am, so will see how he is in these few hours.

He ate half of my croissants.

And then keep asking for more. *scary*

Please let him be ok and no reaction ah!!!

Then we can add croissants to his staple food!!

With dramatic music in the background, asking for more croissants.


Back home in Selangor and it feels good!!

Celebrated my cousins daughters 4th birthday.

It was a pink explosion!!!

Took many crazy shots of all the balloons.

My cousin spend a bomb on the balloons decor and the photo booth!!

Rm2000 for 3 hours of pictures!!.

So I calculated for her, in order to maximize the booth, we had to take 1 picture every minute.

Which will come up to 180 shots taken. Hahah.

We took loadssss of photobooth pictures man!!!

To be fair the vendor quite generous la.

Printed 2-3 copies per shot. So all is well!! 😍😍😍

Overall it was quite a fun do and my cousin did put a lot of effort into her daughters party.

We did enjoy ourselves.

It's a lovely Valentine's Day spent with our extended love ones.

We are up!!

And having breakfast of turkey meatballs.

Strolling around in his hood.

Feeling a little lonely and bored.

But, score!!!!

Manage to pick up 3 chicks in all age and sizes.

Note the jubilant face. Hehe


Breakfast was avocado and quiche again.

Not too many variety I guess would be good for routine huh.

Isaac loves to pull the hood of his pram over his head. Every

Today no snot, so took pic la.

Look so gong gong here.


Is also same as yesterday!!!

I do prefer eating this way. Less choices to make, saves time.

More free time to dayre Ahaha.

Hehhe practicing his cny moves!!!

Hope to get more angpows this year and make all the aunties and uncles very happy.

Having some coconut yogurt.

Abit expensive but tastewise I like it better than dairy yogurt.

Dinner tonight.

Asian style turkey meatballs with sesame paste (tahini la tu) dressing on red cabbage slaw.

This afternoon whilst randomly doing my #stalkermomseries,
All I can hear is isaac crying inconsolably.

It went on and on for more than half an hour.

I got so worried, I ask hubs go faster go home and check.

But by the time he reached our home, isaac was totally fine and dandy.

Giving me a little wave to let me know everything is alright!!!

Good thing is, hubs work place is literally 3 minute walk away.


Hehe daddy's stethoscope still around his neck.

9 years datenniversary!!!

Wake up!!!!!!

Tomato bacon spinach quiche. Eaten with avocado.

Isaac nuaing on me. Refuse to wake up n eat breakfast and go schoolllll

A rouge stowaway in my bag!!!

Ahhaha. Thanks isaac for thinking of me πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Giving me the car to accompany me to work.


Porkchop and salad.

Wahh husband just dayred on our first date story.

Go check it out on @luftsichel dayre.

@yellojelloo can you make an earring like this???

Scrub up nicely for our date tonight.

Wore my CFM shoes.

Excuse the trotters.

Our starters of rabbit rillette. Not bad. Wasn't too dry although it did look it.

Shared a beef tenderloin tartare with a side of fries.

And quail stuffed with foie gras and mushrooms on buttery mash potatoes.

This is Yums.

Hi is me looking sexy trying to get lucky.


My #ootd

Marshmallow dress from Asos only sgd39.90!

But I think this blooper shot much nicer and look much more like me!

Got home by 9.00pm

Rush home because we missed Isaac and the restaurant was too noisy and crowded for us.

Now in my comfy cotton shirt and shorts.

Gonna sleep soon. No romantic yoyoing or other gestures etc.

You know the works when u are married with kids.

Bangkok day 2

Went chatuchak market.

Went to the art section n stumbled into cafe love with its big ass thai iced tea.

Isaac hot and flustered.

So is mummy. Because had to carry him the whole time. And had mega menses day 2. efffing a lot and pain la.

And worse pad Thai ever.

More tomatoe than savory. Do we look like Angmoh to you?


Went central world in the evening to look for food for isaac.

We ended up eating at the food court which is actually not too bad.

And ended up in After You.

Ordered the Shibuya honey toast and it was yummy la! Thick toast with loads of butter inside and loads of maple syrup poured on top with ice cream!!!! I can see the attraction of it. @deborahnah you don't like cos have to que like a mofo and too "oily" ah?

Once a while not too bad.

Also had their Nutella dessert coffee.

Something different too.

Not bad.

Ok can't dayre much because I didn't take much picture with my phone.

We've sign up for a safari tour tomorrow for the little one.

So all our plans to go eat yummy food is taking a back seat!!

Nvm la. Kinda tired carrying around, so will just sit back and let him enjoy looking at the animals.

Hopefully the husband blogs bout this Bangkok trip 😝

Ending today's post with another deep valley view and isaac giving the camera a little smile. Hahahah. Enjoy!!!

Good morning!!

Breakfast for today!

Took him out for an evening stroll to velocity.

And I let him sit on those car in the shopping center. But I'll never put money it. Harharhar.

He started having runny nose again.

Part and parcel of going to school. And having water play as part of their curriculum.

As such is life.

And our bags are packed and we are ready to leave on a jet plan.

Destination: Bangkok.

Wohoo. Can't wait. A break before the cny break.

And to get into the thai mood, dinner was spicy thai larb with lettuce leaves.

My portion for dinner.

And we eat it like this!!

Use the lettuce like a taco shell. Hehe.

My proposal as written by @luftsichel

Good morning!

Breakfast today as usual.

So sleepy. And no. Not cos we we're yo yoing but got back late so not enough sleep!

This boy don't wanna sit down for his breakfast.


He pooped his pants already. Haha. Woke up and immediately strained in his pampers and refused to change out of it.


Forgot to take lunch pictures because ate lunch in a hurry.

Was doing market research for an upcoming product and ate and prepared my thoughts for the meeting at 1pm.

All is good as my boss said thank you to me for the preparation done. Ok no sweat!! Glad did ok during the short meet.

Dinner tonight post work out. Hehe

Grilled sirloin steak medium with steam broccoli and soy milk.


Go follow him and read.

Thoughts on #babynumber2

Cannot sleep!! No idea what's the reason.So I'm having thoughts on Babies. Specifically, making #babynumber2.
First things first:
🍭Track ovulation.
🍭Lose weight to optimum weight for conception
🍭Target to 🚼 is by June this year (reasons only known to me haha)
🍭Stop Pumping

So far I've been trying to track my ovulation, and I don't seem to be ovulating at the predicted time based on all the conventional theory. Therefore have to really test from 10th day until it says LH surge detected!!

I've tested continuously for close to 20 days before LH surge detected!!!

I don't think the ovulation kit is faulty. It's my ovaries that is faulty.

I've always had regular irregular periods (if that makes sense to you) since getting my periods at the age of 14. Some months it will be 31 days and other months the cycle can go up to 55 days!! So not so easy to "tiok" ah.

We had a hard time getting preggo with isaac. Tried actively for nearly a year! So heartbroken whenever period comes! 😭😭

Curently the apps I'm using to track my ovulation and period cycles are Glow

And Ovia.

And I use Period Tracker to track my cycle.

It's very basic but it has my reading since 2010. So just continue la!!

I like Glow the most because it's quite intuitive. And more you log in data, the more it adjust to your cycle.

Just realized this in January when I started logging in the ovulation test. And it recalculated my predicted Period day. Seems quite accurate ah so far.

At this stage, nothing yet. No baby dance making etc. No romantic getaway bla bla bla.

Defo no love story to be told. If you want, better ask the mister to story. My mind now is on eggs eggs eggs! Ahhaa.

Looks like January had no period! And I thought I could track for 6 months solid and by the 6th month I would get my ovulation down pat and fasterly get pregnant there n then and when I wanted it!
Been reading up and a lot of sites and forum recommend CLEARBLUE ADVANCED DIGITAL OVULATION KIT

Freaking expensive!!

Sorry typetus interruptus at 1am because isaac made a siren call so had to pacify him to sleep.

And I see there are many interesting comments regarding baby making hehe.

It's not a taboo subject to me, infact when I was trying to get pregnant, I wished more mothers were there to share their experience on how easy (or difficult) it was to conceive. All I hear was medically glazed jargon which did nothing to elevate my unanswered question.

Continuing where I left off.

So the ovulation kit that I want to get is:
πŸ“Œunavailable in the pharmacy here in Singapore.
πŸ“Œclearblue digital ovulation kit for 10 strips (this is the normal version and not the ADVANCED one as recommend) is going for SGD73!! So expensive!

@growingwiththetans you mentioned you got it at Qo100? I'm going to get it from there too la.

And I think I need to go through 5 boxes of these to accurately track my hatching eggs.

So I guess the thoughts on #babymaking #babynumber2 will be:

🚼Yo, yo, yo your boat, gentle down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. As recommended by @evelinegan and @cikumuffin
🚼Just do it la. Track track track if fertile period don't do also won't have baby haha.
🚼enjoy and relax. The enjoyment part is the process of making baby right? And if no positive pregnancy test results, will just take it as a practice.

Post brought to you by @cikumuffin impeding birth of baby of the gender that I'm pinning for. @cleochong everyday see your chloe I so "pek chek" don't have Bb girl. And @jennylau beautiful daughters making my ovaries bursting! @shalinho Sophie had a part to play in this too!

Of course the handsome Liam @shaolintiger @kimberlycun doesn't help la. I don't mind another boy also because realistic the husband side has known to produce loads to male. Their XY chromosome sperm very strong!!!!

And how I can forget about @delight Nate!! All these babies!!!!

*boomz-head exploded. I cannot brain this*


Anyone on the same boat with me???

Let's do this. I know @growingwiththetans is.

Let's give it our all!!!

@cleochong you also got baby fever right??? Yesterday U wrote on dayre. Haha. Kampateh!!!

(End of baby making thoughts)

Should have use this sticker for our baby making cheer!! Hahha.

Anyways back to boring dayre stuff!!

Breakfast today of avocado and baked bacon egg muffins!!

Followed by….

#leftoverlunch of Lambchops and simple salad.

Manage to #stalkermomseries him right after he got back from kindy at 12.30pm and saw him having lunch!

It was a really busy day at work And tomorrow would be even more pack with datelines!!!

Went out for dinner with husband and his colleagues who decided to treat their MO for a cny dinner.

And stalked Isaac again.

My maid is revising for her exam in home economics tomorrow. Haha.

Egg muffin with bacon inside for breakfast.


Simple salad and pork chops


Finally manage to stalk him at 5pm. Never realize he has gotten quite tall. Almost the same height as his high chair.

I think he is hungry ah. Keep going to and fro his high chair and to the kitchen.

Must be waiting for dinner to be served. Hehe.

Balance diet for dinner tonight.

Protein, protein and vegetable.

Yups, seems pretty legit to me.

Lamb chops and asparagus.