Thoughts on #babynumber2

Cannot sleep!! No idea what's the reason.So I'm having thoughts on Babies. Specifically, making #babynumber2.
First things first:
🍭Track ovulation.
🍭Lose weight to optimum weight for conception
🍭Target to 🚼 is by June this year (reasons only known to me haha)
🍭Stop Pumping

So far I've been trying to track my ovulation, and I don't seem to be ovulating at the predicted time based on all the conventional theory. Therefore have to really test from 10th day until it says LH surge detected!!

I've tested continuously for close to 20 days before LH surge detected!!!

I don't think the ovulation kit is faulty. It's my ovaries that is faulty.

I've always had regular irregular periods (if that makes sense to you) since getting my periods at the age of 14. Some months it will be 31 days and other months the cycle can go up to 55 days!! So not so easy to "tiok" ah.

We had a hard time getting preggo with isaac. Tried actively for nearly a year! So heartbroken whenever period comes! 😭😭

Curently the apps I'm using to track my ovulation and period cycles are Glow

And Ovia.

And I use Period Tracker to track my cycle.

It's very basic but it has my reading since 2010. So just continue la!!

I like Glow the most because it's quite intuitive. And more you log in data, the more it adjust to your cycle.

Just realized this in January when I started logging in the ovulation test. And it recalculated my predicted Period day. Seems quite accurate ah so far.

At this stage, nothing yet. No baby dance making etc. No romantic getaway bla bla bla.

Defo no love story to be told. If you want, better ask the mister to story. My mind now is on eggs eggs eggs! Ahhaa.

Looks like January had no period! And I thought I could track for 6 months solid and by the 6th month I would get my ovulation down pat and fasterly get pregnant there n then and when I wanted it!
Been reading up and a lot of sites and forum recommend CLEARBLUE ADVANCED DIGITAL OVULATION KIT

Freaking expensive!!

Sorry typetus interruptus at 1am because isaac made a siren call so had to pacify him to sleep.

And I see there are many interesting comments regarding baby making hehe.

It's not a taboo subject to me, infact when I was trying to get pregnant, I wished more mothers were there to share their experience on how easy (or difficult) it was to conceive. All I hear was medically glazed jargon which did nothing to elevate my unanswered question.

Continuing where I left off.

So the ovulation kit that I want to get is:
📌unavailable in the pharmacy here in Singapore.
📌clearblue digital ovulation kit for 10 strips (this is the normal version and not the ADVANCED one as recommend) is going for SGD73!! So expensive!

@growingwiththetans you mentioned you got it at Qo100? I'm going to get it from there too la.

And I think I need to go through 5 boxes of these to accurately track my hatching eggs.

So I guess the thoughts on #babymaking #babynumber2 will be:

🚼Yo, yo, yo your boat, gentle down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. As recommended by @evelinegan and @cikumuffin
🚼Just do it la. Track track track if fertile period don't do also won't have baby haha.
🚼enjoy and relax. The enjoyment part is the process of making baby right? And if no positive pregnancy test results, will just take it as a practice.

Post brought to you by @cikumuffin impeding birth of baby of the gender that I'm pinning for. @cleochong everyday see your chloe I so "pek chek" don't have Bb girl. And @jennylau beautiful daughters making my ovaries bursting! @shalinho Sophie had a part to play in this too!

Of course the handsome Liam @shaolintiger @kimberlycun doesn't help la. I don't mind another boy also because realistic the husband side has known to produce loads to male. Their XY chromosome sperm very strong!!!!

And how I can forget about @delight Nate!! All these babies!!!!

*boomz-head exploded. I cannot brain this*


Anyone on the same boat with me???

Let's do this. I know @growingwiththetans is.

Let's give it our all!!!

@cleochong you also got baby fever right??? Yesterday U wrote on dayre. Haha. Kampateh!!!

(End of baby making thoughts)

Should have use this sticker for our baby making cheer!! Hahha.

Anyways back to boring dayre stuff!!

Breakfast today of avocado and baked bacon egg muffins!!

Followed by….

#leftoverlunch of Lambchops and simple salad.

Manage to #stalkermomseries him right after he got back from kindy at 12.30pm and saw him having lunch!

It was a really busy day at work And tomorrow would be even more pack with datelines!!!

Went out for dinner with husband and his colleagues who decided to treat their MO for a cny dinner.

And stalked Isaac again.

My maid is revising for her exam in home economics tomorrow. Haha.

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