9 years datenniversary!!!

Wake up!!!!!!

Tomato bacon spinach quiche. Eaten with avocado.

Isaac nuaing on me. Refuse to wake up n eat breakfast and go schoolllll

A rouge stowaway in my bag!!!

Ahhaha. Thanks isaac for thinking of me πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Giving me the car to accompany me to work.


Porkchop and salad.

Wahh husband just dayred on our first date story.

Go check it out on @luftsichel dayre.

@yellojelloo can you make an earring like this???

Scrub up nicely for our date tonight.

Wore my CFM shoes.

Excuse the trotters.

Our starters of rabbit rillette. Not bad. Wasn't too dry although it did look it.

Shared a beef tenderloin tartare with a side of fries.

And quail stuffed with foie gras and mushrooms on buttery mash potatoes.

This is Yums.

Hi is me looking sexy trying to get lucky.


My #ootd

Marshmallow dress from Asos only sgd39.90!

But I think this blooper shot much nicer and look much more like me!

Got home by 9.00pm

Rush home because we missed Isaac and the restaurant was too noisy and crowded for us.

Now in my comfy cotton shirt and shorts.

Gonna sleep soon. No romantic yoyoing or other gestures etc.

You know the works when u are married with kids.

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