Breakfast was avocado and quiche again.

Not too many variety I guess would be good for routine huh.

Isaac loves to pull the hood of his pram over his head. Every

Today no snot, so took pic la.

Look so gong gong here.


Is also same as yesterday!!!

I do prefer eating this way. Less choices to make, saves time.

More free time to dayre Ahaha.

Hehhe practicing his cny moves!!!

Hope to get more angpows this year and make all the aunties and uncles very happy.

Having some coconut yogurt.

Abit expensive but tastewise I like it better than dairy yogurt.

Dinner tonight.

Asian style turkey meatballs with sesame paste (tahini la tu) dressing on red cabbage slaw.

This afternoon whilst randomly doing my #stalkermomseries,
All I can hear is isaac crying inconsolably.

It went on and on for more than half an hour.

I got so worried, I ask hubs go faster go home and check.

But by the time he reached our home, isaac was totally fine and dandy.

Giving me a little wave to let me know everything is alright!!!

Good thing is, hubs work place is literally 3 minute walk away.


Hehe daddy's stethoscope still around his neck.

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