Best Valentine’s Day. Isaac can tolerate baked dairy and egg products.

Good morning everyone!!!

Happy Valentine's Day.

We are out for some French breakfast hehe.

Croissants and black coffee.

My valentines for today and everyday. 👫👪💏💏💗💗

And classic eggs Benedict. The croissants only where got enough for me!

Ok everybody, we are going to try Isaac on croissants.

Why so "big deal"?

Well, because it's made with butter (duh) and *drumroll* egg wash!!! 😱😱😱😱

The last time he touched egg, it didn't go down too well.

His allergist told us to try him on highly cooked temperature egg and dairy stuff on him after the last round of consultation.

He ate croissants at 9.30am, so will see how he is in these few hours.

He ate half of my croissants.

And then keep asking for more. *scary*

Please let him be ok and no reaction ah!!!

Then we can add croissants to his staple food!!

With dramatic music in the background, asking for more croissants.


Back home in Selangor and it feels good!!

Celebrated my cousins daughters 4th birthday.

It was a pink explosion!!!

Took many crazy shots of all the balloons.

My cousin spend a bomb on the balloons decor and the photo booth!!

Rm2000 for 3 hours of pictures!!.

So I calculated for her, in order to maximize the booth, we had to take 1 picture every minute.

Which will come up to 180 shots taken. Hahah.

We took loadssss of photobooth pictures man!!!

To be fair the vendor quite generous la.

Printed 2-3 copies per shot. So all is well!! 😍😍😍

Overall it was quite a fun do and my cousin did put a lot of effort into her daughters party.

We did enjoy ourselves.

It's a lovely Valentine's Day spent with our extended love ones.

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