Epic beautification day.

Today is "beautify" me day.

At the salon now for a hair make over.

But having waited for 2 hrs and didn't get much done, went and did me nails with the in house nail salon.

Nice ah?

Gel manicure so that can last till cny.

Fuuuu update.

So halfway or rather, 1/3 through doing my hair, the salon ran out of water!!!!!!

Fuuuuuu!!!! Only the top part of my hair was done.

But I pity them la. No warning or anything, water cut! How to run hair salon business like this.

Truly Malaysia boleh! Sigh.

So in the midst of waiting, the nail technician ask,

"Miss want to continue with your pedicure?"

Wahh I said wait wait. Let me clean my feet for you.

I mean. I'm like 😳😳😳😳😳 my feet got hair, got dirt, smell funky and you dare to do my toenails ah.


so I took Isaacs baby wipes and cleaned each toenails and toes properly. Rub my feet over 3-4 times with the wipes.

N she proceeded to crouch on the hair filled floor n did my nails.

Wahhh. Salute her!

Bahahah. My still dirty feet. All coloured now.

Chose a matte red colour.

Nice ah.

5 hours and counting.

And only 2/3 done.

Haha I hope got enough water later to wash the chemical out and highlight it pink.

And, if your think I'm patient to have waited for 6 hrs for my hair to finish, you haven't met the saint of a husband.

He waited for me at the salon just nuaing for 6 hours next to me doing nothing (ok he said he is catching up on his TV show on his iPad) just patiently waiting for me to be done.

And since he was at the salon, he just nicely ask got time to cut his hair ah.

Come everybody. Clap for him. Clap for his patience.

You really want him to be your doctor. He will patiently wait

He never complaint once.

Ok he did ask out of curiosity how much my hair is gonna cost.

Only then he made a face. A wtf face so bloody expensive face.


No flowers for Valentine's Day but I get repaid with patience and kindness.

Ok – win la. 😚😚

Hello everybody.

It's 10.45pm and I'm doing the last of my treatment. Hair steaming time.

It's been a total of 9 hours in the bloody salon.

To be fair, the staff had to source water outside.

Fill it in their buckets

And HANDWASH every bodies hair!!!

And us girls go like 5-6 rounds even more of washing after every perm, dye, treatment steam etc.

Finally, the husband complain

He said this is an EPIC wait la.

I totally agree.

And I'm done.

11.15pm only finish

Because the highlight didn't take.

My hair has too much "oil & moisture" for the colour to be absorbed.

But she said that if you think it's not red enough, please come back to redo. And when there is water.

Haha. Poor them and poor me.

And poor husband for waiting 9 hrs for me!!!

Can't see the highlights at all right??

Hai yah.

Nah. 9 hours job.

You all be the judge la.

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