Happy CNY 2015.

Happy year of the goat to everyone!!!

From our little family to everybody!

Sorry haven't got time to dayre proper. I'm exhausted from all the eating and traveling!!!

Huat ahhhhh!!!

To all the jie jies of dayre world, have a great year ahead.

@chatoyant @calistallicious @jennyyong @beingee @cleochong @cikumuffin @deborahnah @delight @doooduuu @3sth3r @evelinegan @fondamentally @ffellie @growingwiththetans @iviswee @yellojelloo @jennylau @jayelleenelial @soufflesecrets @kimmikim @kianga @kimberlycun @mummytong @teeheehee @shalinho @strawbee @zeenoda

And to all the kor kor, gong xi fa cai to you too!!

@xescx @xiive @hansumboi @shaolintiger

With my side of the family.

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