Dr visit. Scheduled for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow.

I'm here to save the dayyyy!!! Zzzzzzzz

Kissing his (not so little) feet to try and wake him up.

I've always loved nibbling and smelling his feet. Infact I love babies feet. So cute!!

Back to the daily grind.

Kind of tired of eating.

Little shit is back from school.

Terrorizing the helper.

I've finally went to my GP to get my shit (literally) sorted out.

Been experiencing very bad bloat and nausea since cny and since eating so much chinese food with loads of processed shit in it.

This nauseas gaseous has been going on for 3-4 years now and I think it's high time I really get it checked out.

Will go and see a gastroenterologist later in the afternoon!!

Hope it's nothing sinister.

I think he will definitely suggest a scope as what my husband has told me to do.

Breaking news!

Will be going for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy tomorrow.

First gastroscopy and he will take a deep tissue biopsy.

Then after colonoscopy to see if anything. If there is polyps, he will remove it.

Investigate the shit out of my shit.

Also took blood test. 4 tubes of blood was drawn out.

Testing for celiac and igA. I think for gluten intolerance.

Fuuuu. Don't wanna presume anymore.

Fasting from now.

Can eat some soft food like porridge and all.

Lucky I told my helper to make Bakuteh.

Can drink some soup later.

I'm still farting myself out now.

Aihh. Ok la gonna get some rest.

Wish me luck tomorrow guys!

Potty training success!!!

You know you're a mom when u see ur child peeing and pooping into the potty and your heart just burst with pride.

We just recently started training him about a week ago.

I guess he was matured enough to understand and today is diaper less day after coming back to school.

He is nearly 32 months and I think he's got his bowels now.

Yesterday he managed to poop in the adult toilet too!!

Got to dissolve this in 2 liters of water and get it all down by 9.15pm.

Flush the shit out.

And by 9.30pm, away she blows!


And just 5 minutes ago, husband ask if I feel anything yet???


I only manage to drink 1.75 L. Another few more gulps to go!!

But I've already gone.

Nvm cleanse more so tomorrow scope can see clearly.

Also, removing my ugly pedicure for the scope.

Don't want the dr and the nurses to comment that my toe nails so ugly amongst other things haha.

And the pedicure didn't even last a week. Fail.

I think my nails eats polish for breakfast

I sure hope by tomorrow morning, my stomach will be "pee pee" flat like beauty queen.

Lau 3 times already ah!!! So high intensity sumore.


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