Scope Day!

At the hospital now.

Just gotten myself registered in the endoscopy center.

Tummy still rumbling.

I did go again at 3.00 am. And another time this morning. I think it's quite prepped now my bowels.

Hands strategically placed to cover my parts hehe.

Feeling light hearted now.

Everything is ok.

Just lower colon had a very small polyp which the dr burn off. It hasn't got anything to do with my symptoms though.

In a week will know the blood result of the gluten intolerance and celiac disease markers.

Hello post man!!! Sleeping on the job ah???

Letter was written on 10th January and today 25 February only sampai!!!!

But seriously, when I saw the letter I told serhon I got love letter!!! Finally. And both of us feel feel and molest the letter and exclaim "got gift inside also!"

Like school girls (yes girls) we open the letter (after putting isaac to sleep) and read it!! I can haz rainbow loom bracelet too!!

First one. So sweet of sister 2 to make for me. I shall wear it!!

And make isaac jealous.

He sure will ask a million questions about it. Thank you so much!!

And yes, of course I love receiving mails. It gives us a good feeling.

And it's icing on my cake after my scope ordeal.


Warm inside now!!

Chronology of scope

7.05am: Wave bye bye to a bawling isaac and left house to walk to the hospital with serhon.

7.15am: Reached Mt E novena endoscopy center and proceed to register myself for the procedure. Made a mental note to give birth here for the next baby cos so freaking near where we live. Also told it out loud to the husband.

7.35am: Done registering and signed all documents. Nurse from scope room ushered me into my room (room number 💎422; yes with the 💎 infront).

Checked my height and weight.

I lost 1kg from the night before and gain 0.5cm in height. After all that Bowel cleansing, slightly disappointed only 1kg was lost.

The nurse proceeds to take my BP and ask about my bowel prep for her admission notes. Was told to change and how to wear the gown.
Changed and ask serhon to take a #ootd for me. Noted some body parts were poking out from surgical gown and retook with strategically place hands.

Chatted a little bit with the husband. Husband was nervous and need to take a dump

8.01am: husband fasterly ran to the loo and deposited what he needed to deposit.

8.05am: scope room nurse came and checked my details and wheel me into the scope room.

8.08am: Oxygen nasal prong was placed into my err nasal. BP monitoring was strap into my arms. Proceeds to insert a canula to administer my IV sedative.

Was asked to lie on my left and stick my butt out and knees tucked in for the drs easy access. Thought it look funny and giggled to myself. Oxygen then came on.

Thought the oxygen stank due to the rubbery smell of the nasal prong.

From the time I was wheeled into the room husband was out of the picture.

8.13am: Dr arrived and ask me how I feel after the bowel cleanse. I said it was painful. He commented a few ppl enjoyed the process and like it like a colon cleansing. Thought who in the right mind enjoys having explosive diarrhea.

8.18am: He proceeds to administer fentanyl and midazolam into my canula. After 10 seconds I told him

"Wah the sedative a fast acting! I feel sleepy already"

I think he ask me to bite the mouth guard and I can't remember anything already after that!!!

Awaken suddenly and felt pressure on my lower abdomen. His hands was pressing and could feel the probe "mucking around" in my colon.

Drifted back to sleep.

8.50am: Next thing I know I was wheeled back into my room.

Heard dr talk to my husband about my colon being very clean thus biopsy not taken. Did find a polyp but he burned it off.

Drifted in and out of sleep again till about 9.40am.

Nurse came and ask me whether I wanted milo or coffee to be served with my breakfast. I think I mumbled coffee and close my eyes again.

Taken at 9.01am.

So irresistibly chio that my husband had to snap a picture of me.

10.01am:Breakfast served.

Must be Dam hungry because the sand which is the most yummiest thing I've eaten in a while. The soup on the left was bland but like chicken essence. Coffee was coffee.

10.20am: Nurse came back and told me the results and where to pay and ask me to proceed to see the dr in his office once I'm conscious enough to walk.

10.40am: Got myself changed back to normal clothes, paid my bills and dropped a feedback form where I praised and mention the nurse name that attended to me.

11.00am: Back at the specialist office to hear my scope review.

Was given my h.pylori test kit to read back at home. It has part of my stomach lining in it!!

So far so good. Not positive yet.

Discussed my diagnosis for a little bit with the dr.

I must say that he is really funny. If anyone needs their tummy checked out, I will certainly recommend him.

And he is very fast! Imagine for both upper and lower GI track scope only took him less than 30 minutes.

Currently I'm still trying to fart out all the gas that was pumped in for the scope.

I'm having some slight discomfort in my lower tummy but nothing alarming.

Was told to look out for flesh blood due to the removal of the polyps but otherwise I feel good. Abit drowsy only for the whole day.

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