Post Scope – day 1

Good morning!

Back to paleoish breakfast.

Mushroom pizza frittata with a side of avocado.

My lower ab still kinda aches.


Lemon roasted chicken and simple salad.

Lower tummy still aches.


Having his dinner time now.

Couldn't see him on the cctv since 12.30pm. Must have been sleeping since he got back from school


Having fun in the park.

Decided to take off his shoes and socks and run wild and free.

Also, this happen yesterday when I brought him out for a walk.

The neighbourhood jie Jie decided that he needed some "sprucing" up.

At first it was only a coconut tree top. And they decided to take a selfie of it.

Having fun this Jiejie.

Glad he is ok with being "played" around.

So pretty the chicken for dinner tonight.

My not so #portioncontrol

Artichoke lemon chicken with capers and side of zucchini noodles.

I sound like a yo-yo crazed lady on dayre

Oh man, after leaving comments everywhere on dayre about yoyoing, and wanting little girls, I think I sound like a sexual pervert!!!

All this is @cikumuffin goading me to have a little girl.

And thanks ah @evelinegan ah ma for coining the term "yo".

Cough cough go away. Come again another day. Eh wait. Don't ever come again.

Back to back cough man!!

Plus just popped 2 panadols and shot of cough mixture.


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