Same breakfast as yesterday.


Yesterday artichoke lemon chicken and Zucchini noodles.


Weehee. Back from school!!

It's play time now!!

Not like they did any studying in school.

Heheh so cute!!

3.45pm snack time.

Having some chocolate biscuits or was it strawberries. This cctv low resolution, so can't be sure!


Dairy intolerant

I had a cup of milo+Nescafé for an after lunch "perk me up" at 12.30pm.

And I've been to the toilet twice already! (It's now 3.50pm)

Ok ok! I concede defeat. I won't take anymore dairy. *waves white flag*

Oh dear!

Isaac has made the local cafe here his playground.

Playing with Wesley korkor his distant cousin.

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