Eggs fried in water (failed poached actually) and prosciutto.

Because food styling helps your breakfast look better???

Who am I kidding la haha

Thankfully I have a cute dining companion who smiles like a cheekopek.

Snacking on water chestnut and grapes.

My lunch today.

Earl grey tea and larabar pecan pie flavour.

Getting worried I'm not reaching my target weight for conception. 😨😰😰

Y suddenly so handsome?????

Neck tie abit fat though. Just like wife.


I'm out window shopping for a little "me" time but can't help check the cctv.

I spy with my little eye, a cute butt which I just put for nap at nearly 2pm. So fast wake up already.

Early dinner today.

Businessman wazen from
Ichiban boshi.

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