Thank you to all the tians/gods. I've arrived safely in Singapore.

I am home.

Oh dear!

Woke up dam late!!!

Back to boringness.

Hello home cook food.

Bacon, spinach & cherry tomato frittata.


Back to playing with each other.

Dinner is all leftovers!

Pork shoulder and seafood chorizo paella

#portioncontrol win

Can you guys see??

Isaac crying in despair.

Because moments before this snapshot was taken, @maryannsee grandma just left the house to return back to KL

I can hear him calling for her n crying so hard. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Thank you ahjia for spending time with him during his school holiday and when I went to Shanghai.

See u next week!

Shanghai Day 3 – heading home.

I want to show u all something!!!

Taken in the bathroom of the training center.

Forgot your sanitary stuff??

Here, take one. Or take all!!!

Sanitary pad and panty liner!!

I win as #dayrehamsupclub president?

For the fetish enthusiast too.

I'm in airport now!!!!

Wohooo. Can't wait to go home!

Huh tried to FaceTime with isaac just now, and he wouldn't have any of it.

Cried and said "I don't want to talk to mummy! Off off off (switch the iPad off)"


Apparently he had a reaction this afternoon after coming back from school.

Handsome lil fler.

Can't wait to see you!!

Shanghai Day 2

The freaking gym is huge!!!!!

Nehmind. Work out, so can be stronger.

And can beat up hamsap taxi uncle. (No relation to @hansumboi hamsupboi) ๐Ÿ˜

Breakfast round one.

I'm so glad I'm away from the crowd and in the club lounge.

Shit. Tummy ache.

Not agreeable to the dumplings last night hah.

Steamed pork dumplings made to order.

Ahhh cheers!!!

@xiive @hansumboi

Shanghai Day 1 – scared shitless

Good morning everyone.

Breakfast of baked egg and bacon again.

Woke up early to head to the airport!!!

Alright, going to the airport now.

Pecked Isaac and he refuse to look at me.

Said he wants to follow too.

And daddy also went off to work.

Bahahah. Really Monday blues for him. On Sunday.

In the airport now.

Missing you already.

On another note, collected my pocket wifi for china.

Hopefully it's useful for when I wanna get around town.

Hotel is nice!!!

Getting here from airport, I almost got fleeced by the airport taxi ppl. They wanted to charge me ยฅ550!!! I took a taxi outside the airport at only ยฅ112.

But the driver didn't know where the hotel was but he was kind enough to call the hotel.

And he keep saying "ni hen piau liang!"

I so scaredddddd!!

Obligatory toilet shots. Pretty luxurious la this hotel.

Google translate and Google maps doesn't work for me.

Since I'm in the club lounge, I'll just have their free cocktails. Try it out!! Wohooo.

Don't have to go out and eat.

Hey I manage to order some chinese food!!!

I pointed to what I wanted. Haha.

Must eat xiao long bao right when in China.

Yup I pointed again.

Walking around in the hotel mall I saw this!!

Durian yo!!!

From Malaysia one.

Wa si Malaysia lai de!!!

Nobody is perfect

If you were not happy about something or what someone said, why don't you just let the person know?

Why do you have to play the victim or even act as though you've been wronged? There is no winners when you are so sensitive and take offense at everything that comes your way.

It says a lot about you and not the person who supposedly the one who offended you. In fact, the person who supposedly was rude/unkind/etc to you didn't even notice she was being deliberately rude/unkind.

So get off your high moral horse and start being mortal and realistic by saying out what is bothering you.

Because if you don't, the other person would not know.

Plus, it's just emotionally draining for yourself with never a good outcome. So much time wasted sulking and giving cold shoulder. Acting quite childishly.

And then go blaming the whole world for you're predicament.

Sometimes I don't understand why the need to be ultra sensitive???? Immaturity or what? I don't know the reason.

I'm so tired today and I just can't brain this.

Good night.


Woot finally slept in a little with Isaac.

We woke up at 8.20am on a Saturday.

Cup of black joes and 2 baked egg with bacon.

We're back here again.

Mummy @maryannsee enjoying her mushroom soup and bread. The truffle smell from the soup is just ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

And me lunch.

Pork chop with thyme and buttery mash.

Love it.

Cut off some for mom to try.

Her lunch set came with cake.

Red velvet cake. Woot.

Steal some don't think about consequences.

Oohhh needless to say, been feeling nauseous with rumbly tummy from stealing the red velvet.

Then at teatime stole some of husbands fluffy coconut cake at marmalade pantry.

Dayreing live from the porcelain throne.

Dinner today.

Grilled lamb chop, rocket with pine nuts and raw jicama fries.

#portioncontrol win.

In reality, no appetite cos still nauseous.

Isaac, y so handsome!!

I'm gonna miss you when I go Shanghai.

FaceTime everyday ok! Hehe.

I particularly like the love story of LKY and his wife.

It's very sweet and touching to know that a great man loved so greatly.

And he's not afraid to show it.


Shanghai food and sight seeing Tips

Good morning y'all!!

Blueberry almond waffles and a baked egg.


Making a point with the helper.

Got caught up with a presentation. Got to give a talk on Shanghai on Monday.

Ergh. Got feel abit stress la.

Has anyone got any tips on what to eat around Shanghai Pudong area??

Preferably tourist friendly?

And I don't speak a word of chinese.


Dinner tonight.

Grassfed striploin. Grilled.

With raw rocket and cherry tomato salad.

Topped with pine nuts (not pictured)

My portion tonight.

Back to baked egg muffin with bacon.

Good morning everybody.

Sad news today.

Our global colleague was one of the victims in the germanwings air crash.

She was the daughter of a famous architect in Spain but has been working in basel, Switzerland for 2 years now.

May she rest in peace. ๐Ÿ˜ข

My head feels like it's in a cloud.

I think I've also passed something to Isaac. He had runny nose before he went to school.

Today's #leftoverlunch
Is the same as yesterday's.

But added in avocado for extra fat source of the good kind. I'm not hitting my macronutrients for fat in calories.


Today I feel very angry.

Anger directed at the dinosaur of the HR person. I just asked a simple question whether will I get reimbursed for training classes.

She told me "never ending one hor, all the request come in. N U max out your gym subsidies alteady!"

Wtf. Can't u just tell me "oh unfortunately classes n training not covered" instead of snide n rude comments??

Terrible terrible hr. Never take account of employees welfare.

U already look like this, infact much uglier, you don't have to act even uglier right??

Her boss the HR director is even worse!

My HR director looks like this.

And she told my friend who wants to represent the country in the upcoming SEA games to basically not go because there is no policies to support staff in this area.

Ask her to take the annual leave becos no pay leave will affect bonus.
Wtf man!

U guys should pay her for representing the country and make Singapore proud!

Y do u always curtail your employees wellbeing.

Stupid HR has got to go!

Seafood paella with homemade chorizos today!!!

Grain free, rice free, gluten free!!

#portioncontrol today.

"Rice" is made from grated cauliflower.

Good morning!!

Woke up at 5.45am.

And guess what. Isaac threw a fit and cried like shit.

So both husband and me look at each other and said "I guess no exercise"

Had to pacify him to sleep.

Looks like have to work out after work instead. ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ž

Breakfast today of smoked salmon, avocado and fried egg.


Braised pork shoulders and pumpkin mash.

Only ate half of what the helper packed today. The other half in the pantry's fridge.


Hehe. 12.40pm. Back from school and having lunch.

Random musings with grandma @maryannsee


Week 4 of BBG waiting for me once I get back.

Today will be arms and abs.

Well that was terrible.

I'm still unable to do a full push-up.

It's ok. At least I manage to finish this session.

Dinner tonight.

Baked chicken wings with Indian spice rub and steam broccoli.

Winning my #portioncontrol

Must sleep early to avoid hunger later. Haha

Good morning.

Breakfast of blueberry almond waffles and smoked turkey leg slices.


United steak of America and some zucchini noodles

Dinner tonight.

Fennel cinnamon pork shoulder with pumpkin mash.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Used shoulder pork today and it's tender. Yums.

Paradigm shift.

In order for change to happen, I have to change.

So I'm going to start exercising in the morning before I get ready for work.

This will then free up my evenings to spend quality time with Isaac!

Going to start small and try out Wednesday morning.

Target time to rise is 5.45am and hopefully I'll get in 30 minutes of home circuit training.

And I hope I don't have to feel like this cartoon sticker all the time.

Portion control and exercise.

And eat very very well.

And then hopefully by June, another change will happen!!

Exciting times indeed!!!

Ok gonna try get my zzzz for "change" to happen.


Good morning!

Blueberry almond waffles.

Also heard of LKY passing.


Grilled cinnamon porkchops and salad top with avocado.

Dinner tonight.

Steak again. Because we ran out of ideas on what to eat. But I'm not complaining ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Eaten with zucchini noodle salad.

My portion. #nocontrol


Good morning!!

Having snack as breakfast.

Banana and peanut butter.

And mug of black joes.

And busted my calorie intake during lunch with duck confit.

With a side of black coffee (and 3 macarons which came up to 300 calories ok ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ)

But it's ok. I had a good catch up with @yellojelloo

Yes minus the kids.

We had so much to talk about nothing. Hahha.

Good gossip session!

Simple dinner tonight.

Herb crusted salmon, stir fry asparagus and steam cauliflower.


Still hungry.

Good morning!

Same breakfast as yesterday again!!

Happy to report that I didn't lausai from yesterday's bread and pasta sheets. Good thing I controlled my intake of the poisons. If not you'll see me in the throne all night long spewing from both ends.

Erm you know the macadamia milk I bought few days ago.

I think I can't tolerate it well. My stomach keep rumbling after I drink it and I've to go soon after.

Took me 2 days to confirm it.


Cauliflower rice and shrimp and vege stir fry!

What are you guys having.


Bullying grandma!!!!

And synchronize exercising.


Can't wait to go back home and hug Isaac!

Simple dinner tonight.

Cinnamon spiced pork chop and steamed broccoli.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Although now tummy growling abit.

Still hungry me thinks.

This is so true!!

I need a paradigm shift in my eating habits.

I realize after using the myfitnesspal app for 3 weeks that;
1) my diet it 45% fat
2) i eat far less protein than I thought I did. Only 25% average.
3) suprised that my carb intake is 30%. I thought it would be less seeing how I don't eat rice and noodles and bread.

Something is wrong here!!! I need to reevaluate the shit I put into my body.

Needles to say I'm always 3000 calories over every week. Wtf man, wtf!!!

Thank you so much!

Breakfast today of smoked salmon, sunny side up eggs and butterhead lettuce.

Good morning everybody!!!

My kind of #leftoverlunch today.

Ribeye steak and roasted potatoes and red beets!!

Ohhh I'm gonna be so happy after lunch!

Had to cut if with the pantry knife.

But so glorious. Omnyomnyom.


Now I know everyone has been in a tizzy about the ovalmatine spreads and other exotic Nutella like spreads. These type of spreads are nice but it doesn't get my panties in a twist much.

I can't speak for my husband though.

Want to know what gets me excited???


Pork, liver, duck, offals!!!

All kinds of pates! Terrines! Rillettes!!!

I love them ok.

Also, because I can't tolerate dairy products as much, these are a worthy substitute.

And when I was getting auntie-excited, I saw something that the husband would love!

Someone was soooo excited when I showed him this!!!

He went "oh Lordy"

Might get one for him as a treat!


I'm on a suicide mission.

@doooduuu based on the menu, I half died!!

Antipasti and second dish got bread and pasta.

To be fair the husband booked the restaurant before my scope.

Top row: (left to right) amuse bouche (?) of tuna and watermelon, bread salad with prawns, & dessert of Apple Tart with ice cream.
Ratings: weird, pass, okay.

Bottom row: pasta sheet with basil pesto and clam, octopus, mussels and scallop; veal shank and it's marrow and beef tenderloin at the side.

Pasta was ok but the seafood inside not fresh. Octopus abit powdery.

Veal shank abit too jelly texture but marrow was good. Beef tenderloin the best (look like foie gras)

We had a good time enjoying each other's company and only came here because of restaurant week.

For the reasonable price and quantity of food, I think it's ok.

But we expected more quality for a 4-5 star hotel. It's in St Regis La Breeza.

So this was kind off a miss more than a hit.

And I came back to this!!!

I'm really spoilt!!!

It's someone's post birthday celebration and I got to eat at a nice place and receive a gift too!!!

I must give a shout out to @strawbee the fairy god mother of dayre!!! She is too too kind, and generous to a fault! She remembered a passing comment I made on make up brushes, that I'm using my moms 30+ shiseido brush. I remembered my mom telling me she got it as a wedding gift.

In her note to me she asked me to retire them!

Seriously man, the packaging is to beautiful!!!

I can't thank you enough.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

I don't know what I did to deserve this generous gift.

Everyone please, help me thank her too!

Don't laugh ah, but these are my moms brushes that I still use.

They have served me well and yes @strawbee I will retire them now!!!

Stole them from her during my teenager years until now. Few brushes are missing which I think are the brow comb and eye shadow pads.

Hehhe bye bye!

(That's how it looks like on the outside of the brush pouch)

@kimmikim we can be make up brush buddies liow!!!

And also taobao but don't tell my husband heheh.

Happy Birthday!!!! Epidemic of Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases

Happy birthday to the love of my life!!!

Only mid thirties but still acting like in his Tweens.

Thanks for putting up with us nightly!!

Your wife and Isaac.

Someone woke up really early again and stole his fathers breakfast!!


So cute. But it's the school holiday and why are you up so early!!

Oh yes. I'm having the same thing for breakfast as 3 days ago!!!

It's ok, still not tired of it!!


Lunch time everybody!!!

What are you having???

I'm having roasted lemon chicken with raw spinach.

I cannot tahan!!!

I need my ice cream!!! I want my milk!!

So what's the next best thing??

Almond milk ice cream and macadamia milk!!

Macadamia milk coffee, anyone???

Not as "clean" la this macadamia milk because the ingredients has maldodextrin (corn syrups) inside.

But good for the occasional "creamy" texture that I want in my life!!

I think aunty coming soon. ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿ’†

Reading on a research on Allergy

A study was done on why now there is such an epidemic of allergies to food and autoimmune diseases.

Researcher came to a revelation/conclusion that because with absences of parasites and microbes, our immune system gets bored and starts attacking everyday things.

Modern medicine gave us drugs and wipe out infections and diseases but we are paying for it where our immune system goes off tangent and results in new epidemic like allergies and asthma.

Microbes are responsible for our health.

So because we do not have certain pathogens in our system, our immune system is not suppressed.

Pathogens like intestinal worms have a magic ability to suppress our immune system. So suppressing this immune system is a good thing because it PREVENTS these allergies and autoimmune disease.

Populations that have parasites DO NOT HAVE ALLERGIES or. AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.

Why is our immune system not working the way it's supposed to?
Because all of these stimuli (parasites etc) R missing!!

Other things like BPA, triclosan (found in antibac handwash), Panadol, pesticides etc all play a part too.

These are endocrine disrupters and that a lot of these are not present in the rural areas.

Aside from lack of parasite route, mothers also should do whatever they can to prevent inflammation to their bodies.

Eat right: fruits, vegetables, FERMENTED foods, omega 3 foods and oil.

Be aware of what we put into our bodies.

Heading to the right direction.

I might not give Isaac deworming tablets. Anyway I don't see the need to give him any at this moment yet.

As for me, I'm eating the way I'm eating becos of my weird ass gut. Not sure what is going on but trying to heal myself. Of course there is lapses and I can't change my habit of 30 years of junk food etc overnight. I want some life balance too.

Working on making my body better for next baby in other words.

Even if I want treats, I've got to get organic with clean ingredients

And just like that

Aunty flo makes an appearance.

Might as well have my "ice cream" then.

Got a new train set!! Thanks to the delivery man!!

Choo Choo!!

Birthday dinner for husband tonight.

Grassfed ribeye steak, raw baby spinach salad and baked potato cut into wedges.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Celebrated with a cake that I bought with the birthdays boy own money, with a flavour that I chose. Haha.

Selfie of us with a slice of the cake.

Rocking his backstreet boys hair style!!!

The look of joy both of them have just from cutting the cake.

So cute la this isaac!!

And he was all "can I try some please??"

Had to say no and said he's allergic to it. But inside I went all ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ because so poor thing. Simple birthday treat also cannot. And the look of happiness and innocence when he asked to try it. Just ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

For his birthday this year, I will bake a dairyfree and egg free cake for him la. So so sad.

Ahhh can't post video for current dayre update and unable to crop it to 15s.

Can't upload the video of isaac singing daddy his birthday song. So we just have to imagine it hehe.

Good morning you two lovelies.

Bacon inside baked eggs

I got reversed into by a taxi!!!

Uncle having bad day or what??

Was crossing the path of the entrance of a condo and he was already waiting to get into the condo unit from the guardhouse. Got impatient with the guard for not lifting the barrier to the entrance so he just anyhow reverse without looking at the back!

I was already 3/4 out of the way leh.

Lucky he just hit my hips and I didn't trip!

Dam annoyed.


Turkey fingers, home made "ketchup" and raw baby spinach.


Stuffing his face with strawberry puffs right after dinner.

It's ok isaac, you need them calories anyway!

Dinner tonight.

Shrimp on sautรฉed mushrooms, zucchini and onions; cauliflower rice and remainder of the italian stuffings.

#portioncontrol tonight.


I have an insatiable craving.

I want to eat truffle fries now!!

Shit salivating thinking about them.

Ok I better go sleep first.

Hair disaster averted!!!

Good morning!!

Back to the grind.

Where did the weekend go??

And husbands breakfast.

So healthy.

Yes, Isaac is awake at 6.30 am.


Grandma @maryannsee is here to visit Isaac for his school holidays.

Reading a zoo book together.

And if u notice closely, Isaacs hair now looks like an indigenous native from South America.

I butchered his hair last night and will have to go to a proper salon to rectify it tonight!!

He not handsome anymore.

Back to boring.


Stuffed italian bell peppers and raw spinach.

Flip table

Every week I'll be working out at least 3 times a week.

Guess what???

Today I stepped on the scales and boom! I gained weight.

I'm so angry.

And the only way to be on track of my calories is to NOT EAT. Or skip a few meals.

Like today, I already busted my calorie limit from my breakfast and lunch above ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†

I'm so angry.

Husband Ask me to delete myfitnesspal app. Cos it's not accurate he says. Sigh!!!

Eating grapes found in pantry. Phewww.

But still angry.

Maybe I was Hangry!!

SORRY I did that to your beautiful silky hair.


We going to rectify it now!!

Ok we r here!!!

Of course it helps that there is Barney and friends on the screen.

Looking much better already!!


Restoring you back to your cute glory. Haha.

All done now!!

Good thing I have batman for moral support.

Weeeeee!!! I also have a blue balloon as my reward from the hair shop!!

Alright, let's March home now.

Rush home for dinner.

The haircut took an hour. Lucky it was tearless.

So hungry!

#portioncontrol tonight.

But didn't finish the chicken too full.

Roasted red beets on the side too.

Lunch date.

I went on a lunch date with my little man today

We made a promise to enjoy each others company

But as the lunch wore on, things got a little bit crazy.

One too many glass of wine.

And it cumulated with my date removing his shoes and socks and proceeds to get a whiff of his Rose scented feet.

Classy Isaac, classy.

Had some seafood salad followed by…

Lamb shoulders with a glass of wine.

Food was decent but view was fantastic.

We went to Zaffereno at Ocean Financial Center. It was on the 43 floor.

Didn't get to catch any nice picture.

Dessert was of creme brรปlรฉe with berries. Not bad.

Love that we came for lunch and enjoyed the view.

Price wise was ok with 2 glasses of wine.

Thanks hubby for the treat in conjunction with restaurant week.

Is it terrible that we drug our little man with Zyrtec so that his snot would stop flooding??

He was so funny at the lunch being crazy and hyper on the anti histamine.

Well at least his snot wasn't flowing!

I think he was feverish, but we didn't check because he was still very cheerful!

Foiled plans.

WHYYYY! Why must have runny nose!!!!

The whole night keep waking up to nen nen only!!

It's only 8am! And mummy is exhausted.

We had the whole day plan Isaac!

We were gonna be sociable and meet ppl from dayre and other babies!!

All the cute girl babies!!!

But I think we better give it a miss in fear of contaminating them.

So so sad

Gross Isaac, gross.

A little feverish now.


Drowning my sorrows in breakfast.

Extra peanut butter because I want to. (And its expiring. All these artisanal peanut butter has short expiry date)


You know the saying that if you have a toddler, be suspicious if it's suddenly very quiet??

Yes. It really holds true because…

There he was. Sitting down quietly with no whining from him.

So I went for a look nearer.

From here still looks ok.

But what is he rubbing in his hands.

And pulling stretching it like la mien???


He is playing with his snot!!!!


So gross.

All running down his nose. And smeared on cheeks and his hands. Oh god. His hands all slimy with snot!!!!


But first, take pic before cleaning him off to dayre it.

Oh hi.

Just us, watching chinese nursery song on YouTube cos we suck at mandarin.

Anyway, today good day ah.

It's my parents 34th wedding anniversary.

Dad wished mum on family group whatsapp cos he's in Taiwan for a dog show judging assignment.

Also very sad because missing out on dayre mom meet up.

Neh mind go stalk pictures.

Current temperature, 37.4'C

With a whole load of snot streaming out.

Super gross. And he pretends to swallow them when it drips down.

Aiyooo. Boys will be boys.

1st Parent Teacher Meeting, free laptop from office.

Good morning!!! Came back from work and gym last night and I totally crashed!!

Woke up to turkey fingers!

Not enough hours in a day

If I arrive back home later than 7pm in the evening, I feel like I haven't got time to play with Isaac. He will already be in his pyjamas and I don't want him to get over excited and be stimulated and not sleep.

I need to go back early but if I do, then I'll never get anything else done for myself like going to the gym and what not.

Parent Teacher Meeting

I wonder what the teachers will say about him.

Also want to ask about his eating habits. Not sure whether he finishes his lunch or that it's too much or too little.

Lunch today. Teh Tarik is husbands.

Mutton briyani is mine. And fried onions at the side too.

On another note, I won a free laptop from my office. Although it doesnt come with Microsoft office installed inside, it's good enough!

See can bodek the IT guys to install it for me. Weeeee!!!



I just want to nua.

So the teachers gave their comments that Isaac is a chicken shit.

He cries when face with new situations.

And very insistent on the colour blue.

Blue markers, blue toys, blue chairs.

And only like to sit on the head of the table.

Like King.

And he has not learn to share but has to be told. Baby steps.

Nothing that we already don't know.

Teachers says he is ok overall


Oh one thing we need to improve is spoken mandarin.

Isaac refuse to acknowledge the laushi when she speaks to him.

Maybe he don't understand her? Or just refuse to answer her in mandarin.

How do we improve on this?


Simple dinner tonight.

Leftover crockpot French rack pork in tomato based sauce and steam broccoli

So at dinner time, we tried to speak more mandarin at home.

I ask serhon to start speaking to Isaac, asking him to sit on his high chair and have dinner.

I joined after with my limited mandarin and said come lets eat.

First he look at us suspiciously with his side eye glance.


He became really really quiet.

The more we spoke in mandarin, the more he kept turning his head away and not acknowledging us.

Then he looked at us suspiciously again.

We kept on speaking mandarin.

And omg!! He burst into tears!!!

And it escalate to racking sobs and he ask the dad to carry him because he cried so hard and couldn't calm down.

He was so scared of us speaking mandarin la!!!

I think it's totally alien to him and he couldn't cope and he just melt down!!


How are we ever gonna get him to speak mandarin like this!!!

To counter my lack of dinner, here is a bigger portion for breakfast.

And because he has no school starting from today, it's time to party!!

Wearing his party hat that he made in school.

And woke up so early at 6.00am.

Wah I'm at work so early it's still in darkness.

Had to go look for the lights at my area before I took a picture.

Thanks Isaac, thanks ah for waking me up so early.

I told @jayelleenelial she is totally viral now.

It's funny because my colleague at work suddenly said "eh I'm reading about this couple who lost their baby on Fb" and when I turn around, who do I see but Jo and ck staring back at me.

So I whatsapp her n told her dunno to laugh or cry!

It's viral now!!!

Good morning!!

Breakfast today is sausage with fried egg.

@xsnow we use this at home.

By Greenpan brand.

Hi everybody!!! This is my new ring that our dayre mom @yellojelloo made!!

So freaking sweeeee right!!!!

Also I stole a selfie with her daughter. Hope you don't mind!!!

isaac don't jealous Pls, tiff was smiling the whole time I was feeding her. *drooling*

What do you guys think of my new leather cuff???

I love it. It's very soft leather I think @yellojello mentioned that it's lamb leather. And I love the Colour with gold hardware.

Got surprise inside also.

It's pink yo!!!

Made just for me.

Hehhe. I think it's very me. Tough edgy looking on the outside, but inside super girly.

On to dinner tonight.

Salmon with capers and cherry tomatoes doused with copious amount of olive oil.

My portion control tonight.

Tomato, bacon and spinach quiche for breakfast.

Good morning. Woke up feeling so tired because Isaac woke up at least 4-5 times throughout the night.

Anyway I don't think he has ever slept through the night before.

I'm just like this today.

I can't do anything.

I've no concentration.

But I need to submit something today by my own self impose deadline. Although I just can't make myself to do it.

Why do I always procrastinate. How come I'm never as motivated as my colleague or even my husband.

Need someone to kick my butt constantly.

I feel this lack of sleep from last night totally derailed my brains (and motivation)

Opps ate half way then remembered to take pic

#leftoverlunch of chicken thighs roasted with onions, pepper and sesame seed. Taste sweet because of the coconut Aminos.

Side of raw baby spinach.

Oh god, in the 1 year that I've been working here, I finally stepped into sephora.

And I'm lost. I looked at all the make up stuff and I just ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

And walked out. I got scared.

It's 3pm and heard him crying in his nap area.

I think the helper tried to wake him up from his afternoon nap.

Must have slept for more than 2 hours already.


She doesn't want him to sleep in the afternoon so that he can sleep early during the night.

Dinner today is a hodgepodge of leftover chicken thighs and cauliflower mash.

Although the helper did make stuffed italian bell peppers, I think I'll eat it for tomorrow. Hehe.

Good morning!!

Woke up and went to the toilet.

Still in the toilet.

Tummy discomfort is an understatement

Woooo. Legs jelly, arms spaghetti.

Breakfast and lunch together today.

Packed my breakfast becos spent too long in bathroom

#leftoverlunch shrimp pad thai & asparagus.

Dinner tonight is slow cooker French rack pork ribs in tomato base. Accompanied with cauliflower mash.


Gave like 1/3 away to serhon cos too full.

Date with Sophie, new Korean place.

My little guy, waiting for his date.

Ehehehehe us on the taxi ride back.

We talked and totally forgot to take a picture. It was a good catch up. Finally adult conversation with normal ppl. Wohoo @shalinho thanks for lunch treat!!!

Sophie smiling cutely here.

And finally pass out from all the excitement.

And at 5.30pm it's back to business.

His favorite chicken rice shop at wee nam kee.

And as for the parents, we went and tried out a new korean place at goldhill plaza.

Small appetizers was served. Some kimchi n pickled long beans. Not bad.

And outside this new Korean place is a pig wearing flip flop with one leg up.

No isaac, that is not mummy.

We ordered beef bimbimbap which was one of the better ones I had around novena area.

The chili sauce is good!

And this!!!

This is some kinda mind f*ck or something.

What sorcery is this! Spicy pork ribs with mozzarella sauce!!

Watch the bubbling cheese.

Once it's melted, grab a rib and twirl the mozzarella cheese over it.

It's so yum but so terrible for me. I know I'm going to suffer. But it's ok. Worth it.

They give u a plastic gloves to eat the ribs with.

This is how it looks like wrapped in the cheese.

Anyone want to come over to novena???

I chia U guys eat!!! N have coffee/tea after. Hehe.

Reaction to Larabar, high tea date.

Eating my buffalo chicken muffin on the go.

Haihhhhh reaction again!!

He ate 1/4 of Pecan Pie larabar which he had absolutely no reaction before hand.

Infact he lived on it in Bangkok. I think he ate like 5 bars there. It's made with dates, almond and pecan only.

Sigh. Looked like he develop allergy to it. End of this year test again for sure la.

I was at my gastroenterology office to collect my form and the helper called me to tell me he's got a reaction. Aiyo so I ran back home.

Gave him 5mls Zrytec and he's ok now.

Lucky isaac smart already nowadays.

Told the helper "itchy itchy, want to wash mouth"

So she wash his mouth and notice all the rash.

Ok la I'm glad that he knows how to tell when he gets a reaction.

Aircon jeans FTW!!!

Waiting for Serhon for our high tea date.

Woo. The soup kambing here really shiok.

My attempt at #ootd with my aircond jeans.

Taken after my high tea date. Haha.

Aircond jeans.

Good morning everyone.

Baked eggs with bacon.

A fellow classmate mom just sent this photo to me!

So cute, holding hands to go in class together.


Plain salad with broiled lemon Rosemary salmon and 1 hard boiled egg.

Shit still hungry.

Shall go downstairs and shop to distract my stomach. Bahahhaa


Scored myself some aircond jeans at sgd29.90. Cannot resist.

Gluten free shrimp pad Thai!

Made with zucchini noodles and almond sauce.

My #portioncontrol

Snacking on home made beef jerky.

Yes, my blueberry waffles Again.

Good morning.

Isaac, let's take a selfie before you go off to school.

Ehehhe mummy, I cannot contain my excitement!

Maybe if I hold it in with my neck, I can stop the bubbling happiness.

So funny the series of pictures taken I had to post it up.

I have no idea why he so good mood.

Hahaha found this in my bag.

Thanks Isaac for the hand made drumstick!

Snacking on my home made beef jerky.

It's ok I can't have pasta. I can have allllllll my meat!!!


Baby making thoughts.

Good morning!

Breakfast of waffles on loop again.

Read @xiaxue post on her not to get pregnant update.

Totally understood where she was coming from.

Infact when I was first pregnant with Isaac, the hospital test showed he had such a high risk of Down syndrome and coupled with the fact that he might have a congenital heart problem made me so angry with the hospital staff and the world for the unfairness of it all.

Did discuss that if the results were positive at the next review, should we abort him??

The thought of this also made me feel guilty.

And throughout the whole pregnancy I was very depressed. Not to mention the nausea and bloatedness.

And to top it off, I had a weird symptom of diarrhea every single day. Like food poisoning type of pain. Yup. For close to 9 months, everyday I'm shuffling. To the toilet.

I confided in all my gynea friends and told them I wanted to abort. Of cos they scolded me cos took so long for me to get prego.

And when he was born, I did not have the love

Feelings towards him at all.

I DID NOT have a good pregnancy at all.

Thankfully delivery was smooth and he took to Breast feeding very well. It was a short honey moon period before all the chaos happen.

At 3 weeks, he started developing severe eczema all over his face and trunk. His skin was so rough. Only his butt was spared from the eczema.

Sigh. Wan to develop the "love" feeling then also cannot. Told @jayelleenelial about this.

And at 7 months his anaphylatic episode to food added

To our "omg, what else now!"

Seeing him limp, cold and rag doll right really scared the daylights out of me.

And I think from then on only I started to treasure him. Started to "love" him. Maybe the thought of losing him or that I have lost him kinda put me into perspective. That I should enjoy him now no matter what happens.

Needless to say, his 1 year of life was very eventful and took a toll on my working career because I couldn't concentrate at work, constantly worrying about



I will still try. I will still want another child.

The joy it brings from having a child is so much more then all the "trials" that was put to us earlier.

So, another conception journey will happen (this year I hope!) and stay tuned?

*but I think will take some time la, not so easy for me to get pregnant ah. Be patient ah*

Yes for the upcoming conception, I will do my best to have a positive state of mind!!!

Ohmmm like this baby here.

And continue wearing hot clothes and sexy shoes and totally dress up.

And when I can't fit into regular clothes, Gonna get hot sexy maternity clothes too!!


Positive LH surge. Cycle day 26

Ehehe found a selfie of him.

Love his sepet smiling eyes.

Heard him taking the photos at 6.30am this morning.

We had team lunch today at indochili Zion road.

Decent Indonesian food.

Ordered the nasi tumpeng and tried to portion control. Ate half of the rice only. But finished the rest. #fail

Trying out myfitnesspal again because @kimmikim reminded me of it.

Already exceeded my recommended calorie intake.

Dinner tonight.

Lamb burgers with lettuce buns, tomatoes, cucumber and coconut dill balsamic vinegar dressing.

Yup. My helper made up the dressing #levelup

I know iPad is bad for kids.

But what does isaac do with it???

He goes to the music app on turns on Bruno Mars to rock on.


The problem with ovulation kit which are Not CLEARBLUE

Taken at 4.00pm.

So positive LH surge or not???

Not satisfied, I took another reading at 8.00pm.

Looks much darker.

I think got LH surge la.

Will take another ovulation test agai tomorrow to be certain. If it's lighter than this one, then today's reading is positive. If tomorrow's reading is darker than today's, then tomorrow one is positive.

Confuse much.