Gluten free waffles for breakfast today.

This round made with almonds and hazelnut.

Sushi set for when there is no lunch to work.

The more you give, the more you will receive.

(Excuse bad photo taking skills)

So I just got home after rushing to the post office to sent off a parcel (to a special lady) before it closes.

Rushed back home only to be pleasantly surprised.

A package!!

Just for me!!!!!

Thank you thank you thank you.

Wrapped up so nicely with pink sticker sumore. (Live dayreing as I open up the package)


Bubble wrap!!

Isaac is going to have a field day popping the bubbles!!

So spoiled.

Thank you sya @strawbee for your generosity!!

My inner teenager is screaming with joy!!

Isaac thanks you too!!

Busy popping away already!

Riri eyeshadow!!!

In dark colours which I love. Can't wait to use them. Errr when a special occasion comes.

She also gifted me a MAC serum. @strawbee how to use the serum ah?

I always think that fish dishes are very pretty.

Broiled salmon with lemon and dill. Together with roasted carrots.

Carrots roasted this way are super sweet which I love.

The sauce is cucumber tzatziki sauce with dill. Made with coconut cream.

My attempts at #portioncontrol

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