Egg challenge FAILED!!!

Today for afternoon snack, we tried isaac on something with eggs.

First, we tried him on 50 cents coin sized of duke bakery chocolate buns.

Ingredients listed was chocolate chip, cocoa powder and egg.

Then increased to a size of a deck of cards because

Serhon turn his back for a while to wash his hands, he heard someone rummaging through the duke bakery's plastic bag, Fishing out the whole bun!!

Luckily stopped him in time before he swallowed all of it.

Must slowly give in increasing amounts to observe first ma.

But I think, after more than half the bun ingested (I think more like 1 whole bun), safe to say he can tolerate this bun with the egg totally Baked at high heat.

Wohoo. More options to his food repertoire.

And before this, the little fler already carb loaded with his roti canai (prata) for lunch today.

Carb lover man this one.

Annndddd looks like egg challenge FAILED!

Drinking his Zrytec.

5 mls already and it looked like it was flaring sumore.

Gave another 2.5mls just in case.

Selfie taken by isaac.

Lips swelling and nose swelling. Also along the laughter lines.

Ears red and slightly swollen.

Lips are red.

So swollen la omg.

Look like monkey God.

Otherwise he is very active and alert.

Oh Ya he was so itchy he scratch his ankles until it bleed!!

It's ok everybody!! Even with my swollen face, I can still selfie with you!!

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