Positive LH surge. Cycle day 26

Ehehe found a selfie of him.

Love his sepet smiling eyes.

Heard him taking the photos at 6.30am this morning.

We had team lunch today at indochili Zion road.

Decent Indonesian food.

Ordered the nasi tumpeng and tried to portion control. Ate half of the rice only. But finished the rest. #fail

Trying out myfitnesspal again because @kimmikim reminded me of it.

Already exceeded my recommended calorie intake.

Dinner tonight.

Lamb burgers with lettuce buns, tomatoes, cucumber and coconut dill balsamic vinegar dressing.

Yup. My helper made up the dressing #levelup

I know iPad is bad for kids.

But what does isaac do with it???

He goes to the music app on turns on Bruno Mars to rock on.


The problem with ovulation kit which are Not CLEARBLUE

Taken at 4.00pm.

So positive LH surge or not???

Not satisfied, I took another reading at 8.00pm.

Looks much darker.

I think got LH surge la.

Will take another ovulation test agai tomorrow to be certain. If it's lighter than this one, then today's reading is positive. If tomorrow's reading is darker than today's, then tomorrow one is positive.

Confuse much.

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