Reaction to Larabar, high tea date.

Eating my buffalo chicken muffin on the go.

Haihhhhh reaction again!!

He ate 1/4 of Pecan Pie larabar which he had absolutely no reaction before hand.

Infact he lived on it in Bangkok. I think he ate like 5 bars there. It's made with dates, almond and pecan only.

Sigh. Looked like he develop allergy to it. End of this year test again for sure la.

I was at my gastroenterology office to collect my form and the helper called me to tell me he's got a reaction. Aiyo so I ran back home.

Gave him 5mls Zrytec and he's ok now.

Lucky isaac smart already nowadays.

Told the helper "itchy itchy, want to wash mouth"

So she wash his mouth and notice all the rash.

Ok la I'm glad that he knows how to tell when he gets a reaction.

Aircon jeans FTW!!!

Waiting for Serhon for our high tea date.

Woo. The soup kambing here really shiok.

My attempt at #ootd with my aircond jeans.

Taken after my high tea date. Haha.

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