Date with Sophie, new Korean place.

My little guy, waiting for his date.

Ehehehehe us on the taxi ride back.

We talked and totally forgot to take a picture. It was a good catch up. Finally adult conversation with normal ppl. Wohoo @shalinho thanks for lunch treat!!!

Sophie smiling cutely here.

And finally pass out from all the excitement.

And at 5.30pm it's back to business.

His favorite chicken rice shop at wee nam kee.

And as for the parents, we went and tried out a new korean place at goldhill plaza.

Small appetizers was served. Some kimchi n pickled long beans. Not bad.

And outside this new Korean place is a pig wearing flip flop with one leg up.

No isaac, that is not mummy.

We ordered beef bimbimbap which was one of the better ones I had around novena area.

The chili sauce is good!

And this!!!

This is some kinda mind f*ck or something.

What sorcery is this! Spicy pork ribs with mozzarella sauce!!

Watch the bubbling cheese.

Once it's melted, grab a rib and twirl the mozzarella cheese over it.

It's so yum but so terrible for me. I know I'm going to suffer. But it's ok. Worth it.

They give u a plastic gloves to eat the ribs with.

This is how it looks like wrapped in the cheese.

Anyone want to come over to novena???

I chia U guys eat!!! N have coffee/tea after. Hehe.

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