Good morning!!

Breakfast today is sausage with fried egg.

@xsnow we use this at home.

By Greenpan brand.

Hi everybody!!! This is my new ring that our dayre mom @yellojelloo made!!

So freaking sweeeee right!!!!

Also I stole a selfie with her daughter. Hope you don't mind!!!

isaac don't jealous Pls, tiff was smiling the whole time I was feeding her. *drooling*

What do you guys think of my new leather cuff???

I love it. It's very soft leather I think @yellojello mentioned that it's lamb leather. And I love the Colour with gold hardware.

Got surprise inside also.

It's pink yo!!!

Made just for me.

Hehhe. I think it's very me. Tough edgy looking on the outside, but inside super girly.

On to dinner tonight.

Salmon with capers and cherry tomatoes doused with copious amount of olive oil.

My portion control tonight.

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