1st Parent Teacher Meeting, free laptop from office.

Good morning!!! Came back from work and gym last night and I totally crashed!!

Woke up to turkey fingers!

Not enough hours in a day

If I arrive back home later than 7pm in the evening, I feel like I haven't got time to play with Isaac. He will already be in his pyjamas and I don't want him to get over excited and be stimulated and not sleep.

I need to go back early but if I do, then I'll never get anything else done for myself like going to the gym and what not.

Parent Teacher Meeting

I wonder what the teachers will say about him.

Also want to ask about his eating habits. Not sure whether he finishes his lunch or that it's too much or too little.

Lunch today. Teh Tarik is husbands.

Mutton briyani is mine. And fried onions at the side too.

On another note, I won a free laptop from my office. Although it doesnt come with Microsoft office installed inside, it's good enough!

See can bodek the IT guys to install it for me. Weeeee!!!



I just want to nua.

So the teachers gave their comments that Isaac is a chicken shit.

He cries when face with new situations.

And very insistent on the colour blue.

Blue markers, blue toys, blue chairs.

And only like to sit on the head of the table.

Like King.

And he has not learn to share but has to be told. Baby steps.

Nothing that we already don't know.

Teachers says he is ok overall


Oh one thing we need to improve is spoken mandarin.

Isaac refuse to acknowledge the laushi when she speaks to him.

Maybe he don't understand her? Or just refuse to answer her in mandarin.

How do we improve on this?


Simple dinner tonight.

Leftover crockpot French rack pork in tomato based sauce and steam broccoli

So at dinner time, we tried to speak more mandarin at home.

I ask serhon to start speaking to Isaac, asking him to sit on his high chair and have dinner.

I joined after with my limited mandarin and said come lets eat.

First he look at us suspiciously with his side eye glance.


He became really really quiet.

The more we spoke in mandarin, the more he kept turning his head away and not acknowledging us.

Then he looked at us suspiciously again.

We kept on speaking mandarin.

And omg!! He burst into tears!!!

And it escalate to racking sobs and he ask the dad to carry him because he cried so hard and couldn't calm down.

He was so scared of us speaking mandarin la!!!

I think it's totally alien to him and he couldn't cope and he just melt down!!


How are we ever gonna get him to speak mandarin like this!!!

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