Foiled plans.

WHYYYY! Why must have runny nose!!!!

The whole night keep waking up to nen nen only!!

It's only 8am! And mummy is exhausted.

We had the whole day plan Isaac!

We were gonna be sociable and meet ppl from dayre and other babies!!

All the cute girl babies!!!

But I think we better give it a miss in fear of contaminating them.

So so sad

Gross Isaac, gross.

A little feverish now.


Drowning my sorrows in breakfast.

Extra peanut butter because I want to. (And its expiring. All these artisanal peanut butter has short expiry date)


You know the saying that if you have a toddler, be suspicious if it's suddenly very quiet??

Yes. It really holds true because…

There he was. Sitting down quietly with no whining from him.

So I went for a look nearer.

From here still looks ok.

But what is he rubbing in his hands.

And pulling stretching it like la mien???


He is playing with his snot!!!!


So gross.

All running down his nose. And smeared on cheeks and his hands. Oh god. His hands all slimy with snot!!!!


But first, take pic before cleaning him off to dayre it.

Oh hi.

Just us, watching chinese nursery song on YouTube cos we suck at mandarin.

Anyway, today good day ah.

It's my parents 34th wedding anniversary.

Dad wished mum on family group whatsapp cos he's in Taiwan for a dog show judging assignment.

Also very sad because missing out on dayre mom meet up.

Neh mind go stalk pictures.

Current temperature, 37.4'C

With a whole load of snot streaming out.

Super gross. And he pretends to swallow them when it drips down.

Aiyooo. Boys will be boys.

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