Hair disaster averted!!!

Good morning!!

Back to the grind.

Where did the weekend go??

And husbands breakfast.

So healthy.

Yes, Isaac is awake at 6.30 am.


Grandma @maryannsee is here to visit Isaac for his school holidays.

Reading a zoo book together.

And if u notice closely, Isaacs hair now looks like an indigenous native from South America.

I butchered his hair last night and will have to go to a proper salon to rectify it tonight!!

He not handsome anymore.

Back to boring.


Stuffed italian bell peppers and raw spinach.

Flip table

Every week I'll be working out at least 3 times a week.

Guess what???

Today I stepped on the scales and boom! I gained weight.

I'm so angry.

And the only way to be on track of my calories is to NOT EAT. Or skip a few meals.

Like today, I already busted my calorie limit from my breakfast and lunch above πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†

I'm so angry.

Husband Ask me to delete myfitnesspal app. Cos it's not accurate he says. Sigh!!!

Eating grapes found in pantry. Phewww.

But still angry.

Maybe I was Hangry!!

SORRY I did that to your beautiful silky hair.


We going to rectify it now!!

Ok we r here!!!

Of course it helps that there is Barney and friends on the screen.

Looking much better already!!


Restoring you back to your cute glory. Haha.

All done now!!

Good thing I have batman for moral support.

Weeeeee!!! I also have a blue balloon as my reward from the hair shop!!

Alright, let's March home now.

Rush home for dinner.

The haircut took an hour. Lucky it was tearless.

So hungry!

#portioncontrol tonight.

But didn't finish the chicken too full.

Roasted red beets on the side too.

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