Lunch date.

I went on a lunch date with my little man today

We made a promise to enjoy each others company

But as the lunch wore on, things got a little bit crazy.

One too many glass of wine.

And it cumulated with my date removing his shoes and socks and proceeds to get a whiff of his Rose scented feet.

Classy Isaac, classy.

Had some seafood salad followed by…

Lamb shoulders with a glass of wine.

Food was decent but view was fantastic.

We went to Zaffereno at Ocean Financial Center. It was on the 43 floor.

Didn't get to catch any nice picture.

Dessert was of creme brûlée with berries. Not bad.

Love that we came for lunch and enjoyed the view.

Price wise was ok with 2 glasses of wine.

Thanks hubby for the treat in conjunction with restaurant week.

Is it terrible that we drug our little man with Zyrtec so that his snot would stop flooding??

He was so funny at the lunch being crazy and hyper on the anti histamine.

Well at least his snot wasn't flowing!

I think he was feverish, but we didn't check because he was still very cheerful!

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