Good morning you two lovelies.

Bacon inside baked eggs

I got reversed into by a taxi!!!

Uncle having bad day or what??

Was crossing the path of the entrance of a condo and he was already waiting to get into the condo unit from the guardhouse. Got impatient with the guard for not lifting the barrier to the entrance so he just anyhow reverse without looking at the back!

I was already 3/4 out of the way leh.

Lucky he just hit my hips and I didn't trip!

Dam annoyed.


Turkey fingers, home made "ketchup" and raw baby spinach.


Stuffing his face with strawberry puffs right after dinner.

It's ok isaac, you need them calories anyway!

Dinner tonight.

Shrimp on sautéed mushrooms, zucchini and onions; cauliflower rice and remainder of the italian stuffings.

#portioncontrol tonight.


I have an insatiable craving.

I want to eat truffle fries now!!

Shit salivating thinking about them.

Ok I better go sleep first.

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