Happy Birthday!!!! Epidemic of Allergies and Autoimmune Diseases

Happy birthday to the love of my life!!!

Only mid thirties but still acting like in his Tweens.

Thanks for putting up with us nightly!!

Your wife and Isaac.

Someone woke up really early again and stole his fathers breakfast!!


So cute. But it's the school holiday and why are you up so early!!

Oh yes. I'm having the same thing for breakfast as 3 days ago!!!

It's ok, still not tired of it!!


Lunch time everybody!!!

What are you having???

I'm having roasted lemon chicken with raw spinach.

I cannot tahan!!!

I need my ice cream!!! I want my milk!!

So what's the next best thing??

Almond milk ice cream and macadamia milk!!

Macadamia milk coffee, anyone???

Not as "clean" la this macadamia milk because the ingredients has maldodextrin (corn syrups) inside.

But good for the occasional "creamy" texture that I want in my life!!

I think aunty coming soon. πŸ’†πŸ’†πŸ’†

Reading on a research on Allergy

A study was done on why now there is such an epidemic of allergies to food and autoimmune diseases.

Researcher came to a revelation/conclusion that because with absences of parasites and microbes, our immune system gets bored and starts attacking everyday things.

Modern medicine gave us drugs and wipe out infections and diseases but we are paying for it where our immune system goes off tangent and results in new epidemic like allergies and asthma.

Microbes are responsible for our health.

So because we do not have certain pathogens in our system, our immune system is not suppressed.

Pathogens like intestinal worms have a magic ability to suppress our immune system. So suppressing this immune system is a good thing because it PREVENTS these allergies and autoimmune disease.

Populations that have parasites DO NOT HAVE ALLERGIES or. AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE.

Why is our immune system not working the way it's supposed to?
Because all of these stimuli (parasites etc) R missing!!

Other things like BPA, triclosan (found in antibac handwash), Panadol, pesticides etc all play a part too.

These are endocrine disrupters and that a lot of these are not present in the rural areas.

Aside from lack of parasite route, mothers also should do whatever they can to prevent inflammation to their bodies.

Eat right: fruits, vegetables, FERMENTED foods, omega 3 foods and oil.

Be aware of what we put into our bodies.

Heading to the right direction.

I might not give Isaac deworming tablets. Anyway I don't see the need to give him any at this moment yet.

As for me, I'm eating the way I'm eating becos of my weird ass gut. Not sure what is going on but trying to heal myself. Of course there is lapses and I can't change my habit of 30 years of junk food etc overnight. I want some life balance too.

Working on making my body better for next baby in other words.

Even if I want treats, I've got to get organic with clean ingredients

And just like that

Aunty flo makes an appearance.

Might as well have my "ice cream" then.

Got a new train set!! Thanks to the delivery man!!

Choo Choo!!

Birthday dinner for husband tonight.

Grassfed ribeye steak, raw baby spinach salad and baked potato cut into wedges.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Celebrated with a cake that I bought with the birthdays boy own money, with a flavour that I chose. Haha.

Selfie of us with a slice of the cake.

Rocking his backstreet boys hair style!!!

The look of joy both of them have just from cutting the cake.

So cute la this isaac!!

And he was all "can I try some please??"

Had to say no and said he's allergic to it. But inside I went all 😭😭😭 because so poor thing. Simple birthday treat also cannot. And the look of happiness and innocence when he asked to try it. Just πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

For his birthday this year, I will bake a dairyfree and egg free cake for him la. So so sad.

Ahhh can't post video for current dayre update and unable to crop it to 15s.

Can't upload the video of isaac singing daddy his birthday song. So we just have to imagine it hehe.

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