Thank you so much!

Breakfast today of smoked salmon, sunny side up eggs and butterhead lettuce.

Good morning everybody!!!

My kind of #leftoverlunch today.

Ribeye steak and roasted potatoes and red beets!!

Ohhh I'm gonna be so happy after lunch!

Had to cut if with the pantry knife.

But so glorious. Omnyomnyom.


Now I know everyone has been in a tizzy about the ovalmatine spreads and other exotic Nutella like spreads. These type of spreads are nice but it doesn't get my panties in a twist much.

I can't speak for my husband though.

Want to know what gets me excited???


Pork, liver, duck, offals!!!

All kinds of pates! Terrines! Rillettes!!!

I love them ok.

Also, because I can't tolerate dairy products as much, these are a worthy substitute.

And when I was getting auntie-excited, I saw something that the husband would love!

Someone was soooo excited when I showed him this!!!

He went "oh Lordy"

Might get one for him as a treat!


I'm on a suicide mission.

@doooduuu based on the menu, I half died!!

Antipasti and second dish got bread and pasta.

To be fair the husband booked the restaurant before my scope.

Top row: (left to right) amuse bouche (?) of tuna and watermelon, bread salad with prawns, & dessert of Apple Tart with ice cream.
Ratings: weird, pass, okay.

Bottom row: pasta sheet with basil pesto and clam, octopus, mussels and scallop; veal shank and it's marrow and beef tenderloin at the side.

Pasta was ok but the seafood inside not fresh. Octopus abit powdery.

Veal shank abit too jelly texture but marrow was good. Beef tenderloin the best (look like foie gras)

We had a good time enjoying each other's company and only came here because of restaurant week.

For the reasonable price and quantity of food, I think it's ok.

But we expected more quality for a 4-5 star hotel. It's in St Regis La Breeza.

So this was kind off a miss more than a hit.

And I came back to this!!!

I'm really spoilt!!!

It's someone's post birthday celebration and I got to eat at a nice place and receive a gift too!!!

I must give a shout out to @strawbee the fairy god mother of dayre!!! She is too too kind, and generous to a fault! She remembered a passing comment I made on make up brushes, that I'm using my moms 30+ shiseido brush. I remembered my mom telling me she got it as a wedding gift.

In her note to me she asked me to retire them!

Seriously man, the packaging is to beautiful!!!

I can't thank you enough.

Thank you thank you thank you!!

I don't know what I did to deserve this generous gift.

Everyone please, help me thank her too!

Don't laugh ah, but these are my moms brushes that I still use.

They have served me well and yes @strawbee I will retire them now!!!

Stole them from her during my teenager years until now. Few brushes are missing which I think are the brow comb and eye shadow pads.

Hehhe bye bye!

(That's how it looks like on the outside of the brush pouch)

@kimmikim we can be make up brush buddies liow!!!

And also taobao but don't tell my husband heheh.

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