Good morning!

Same breakfast as yesterday again!!

Happy to report that I didn't lausai from yesterday's bread and pasta sheets. Good thing I controlled my intake of the poisons. If not you'll see me in the throne all night long spewing from both ends.

Erm you know the macadamia milk I bought few days ago.

I think I can't tolerate it well. My stomach keep rumbling after I drink it and I've to go soon after.

Took me 2 days to confirm it.


Cauliflower rice and shrimp and vege stir fry!

What are you guys having.


Bullying grandma!!!!

And synchronize exercising.


Can't wait to go back home and hug Isaac!

Simple dinner tonight.

Cinnamon spiced pork chop and steamed broccoli.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Although now tummy growling abit.

Still hungry me thinks.

This is so true!!

I need a paradigm shift in my eating habits.

I realize after using the myfitnesspal app for 3 weeks that;
1) my diet it 45% fat
2) i eat far less protein than I thought I did. Only 25% average.
3) suprised that my carb intake is 30%. I thought it would be less seeing how I don't eat rice and noodles and bread.

Something is wrong here!!! I need to reevaluate the shit I put into my body.

Needles to say I'm always 3000 calories over every week. Wtf man, wtf!!!

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