Good morning.

Breakfast of blueberry almond waffles and smoked turkey leg slices.


United steak of America and some zucchini noodles

Dinner tonight.

Fennel cinnamon pork shoulder with pumpkin mash.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Used shoulder pork today and it's tender. Yums.

Paradigm shift.

In order for change to happen, I have to change.

So I'm going to start exercising in the morning before I get ready for work.

This will then free up my evenings to spend quality time with Isaac!

Going to start small and try out Wednesday morning.

Target time to rise is 5.45am and hopefully I'll get in 30 minutes of home circuit training.

And I hope I don't have to feel like this cartoon sticker all the time.

Portion control and exercise.

And eat very very well.

And then hopefully by June, another change will happen!!

Exciting times indeed!!!

Ok gonna try get my zzzz for "change" to happen.


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