Good morning!!

Woke up at 5.45am.

And guess what. Isaac threw a fit and cried like shit.

So both husband and me look at each other and said "I guess no exercise"

Had to pacify him to sleep.

Looks like have to work out after work instead. 😞😞😞

Breakfast today of smoked salmon, avocado and fried egg.


Braised pork shoulders and pumpkin mash.

Only ate half of what the helper packed today. The other half in the pantry's fridge.


Hehe. 12.40pm. Back from school and having lunch.

Random musings with grandma @maryannsee


Week 4 of BBG waiting for me once I get back.

Today will be arms and abs.

Well that was terrible.

I'm still unable to do a full push-up.

It's ok. At least I manage to finish this session.

Dinner tonight.

Baked chicken wings with Indian spice rub and steam broccoli.

Winning my #portioncontrol

Must sleep early to avoid hunger later. Haha

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