Back to baked egg muffin with bacon.

Good morning everybody.

Sad news today.

Our global colleague was one of the victims in the germanwings air crash.

She was the daughter of a famous architect in Spain but has been working in basel, Switzerland for 2 years now.

May she rest in peace. 😢

My head feels like it's in a cloud.

I think I've also passed something to Isaac. He had runny nose before he went to school.

Today's #leftoverlunch
Is the same as yesterday's.

But added in avocado for extra fat source of the good kind. I'm not hitting my macronutrients for fat in calories.


Today I feel very angry.

Anger directed at the dinosaur of the HR person. I just asked a simple question whether will I get reimbursed for training classes.

She told me "never ending one hor, all the request come in. N U max out your gym subsidies alteady!"

Wtf. Can't u just tell me "oh unfortunately classes n training not covered" instead of snide n rude comments??

Terrible terrible hr. Never take account of employees welfare.

U already look like this, infact much uglier, you don't have to act even uglier right??

Her boss the HR director is even worse!

My HR director looks like this.

And she told my friend who wants to represent the country in the upcoming SEA games to basically not go because there is no policies to support staff in this area.

Ask her to take the annual leave becos no pay leave will affect bonus.
Wtf man!

U guys should pay her for representing the country and make Singapore proud!

Y do u always curtail your employees wellbeing.

Stupid HR has got to go!

Seafood paella with homemade chorizos today!!!

Grain free, rice free, gluten free!!

#portioncontrol today.

"Rice" is made from grated cauliflower.

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