Woot finally slept in a little with Isaac.

We woke up at 8.20am on a Saturday.

Cup of black joes and 2 baked egg with bacon.

We're back here again.

Mummy @maryannsee enjoying her mushroom soup and bread. The truffle smell from the soup is just 😍😍

And me lunch.

Pork chop with thyme and buttery mash.

Love it.

Cut off some for mom to try.

Her lunch set came with cake.

Red velvet cake. Woot.

Steal some don't think about consequences.

Oohhh needless to say, been feeling nauseous with rumbly tummy from stealing the red velvet.

Then at teatime stole some of husbands fluffy coconut cake at marmalade pantry.

Dayreing live from the porcelain throne.

Dinner today.

Grilled lamb chop, rocket with pine nuts and raw jicama fries.

#portioncontrol win.

In reality, no appetite cos still nauseous.

Isaac, y so handsome!!

I'm gonna miss you when I go Shanghai.

FaceTime everyday ok! Hehe.

I particularly like the love story of LKY and his wife.

It's very sweet and touching to know that a great man loved so greatly.

And he's not afraid to show it.


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