Shanghai Day 1 – scared shitless

Good morning everyone.

Breakfast of baked egg and bacon again.

Woke up early to head to the airport!!!

Alright, going to the airport now.

Pecked Isaac and he refuse to look at me.

Said he wants to follow too.

And daddy also went off to work.

Bahahah. Really Monday blues for him. On Sunday.

In the airport now.

Missing you already.

On another note, collected my pocket wifi for china.

Hopefully it's useful for when I wanna get around town.

Hotel is nice!!!

Getting here from airport, I almost got fleeced by the airport taxi ppl. They wanted to charge me ¥550!!! I took a taxi outside the airport at only ¥112.

But the driver didn't know where the hotel was but he was kind enough to call the hotel.

And he keep saying "ni hen piau liang!"

I so scaredddddd!!

Obligatory toilet shots. Pretty luxurious la this hotel.

Google translate and Google maps doesn't work for me.

Since I'm in the club lounge, I'll just have their free cocktails. Try it out!! Wohooo.

Don't have to go out and eat.

Hey I manage to order some chinese food!!!

I pointed to what I wanted. Haha.

Must eat xiao long bao right when in China.

Yup I pointed again.

Walking around in the hotel mall I saw this!!

Durian yo!!!

From Malaysia one.

Wa si Malaysia lai de!!!

Nobody is perfect

If you were not happy about something or what someone said, why don't you just let the person know?

Why do you have to play the victim or even act as though you've been wronged? There is no winners when you are so sensitive and take offense at everything that comes your way.

It says a lot about you and not the person who supposedly the one who offended you. In fact, the person who supposedly was rude/unkind/etc to you didn't even notice she was being deliberately rude/unkind.

So get off your high moral horse and start being mortal and realistic by saying out what is bothering you.

Because if you don't, the other person would not know.

Plus, it's just emotionally draining for yourself with never a good outcome. So much time wasted sulking and giving cold shoulder. Acting quite childishly.

And then go blaming the whole world for you're predicament.

Sometimes I don't understand why the need to be ultra sensitive???? Immaturity or what? I don't know the reason.

I'm so tired today and I just can't brain this.

Good night.

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