Boring breakfast today.

Fried egg, bacon and lettuce.

Healthy lunch today.

Didn't bring my lunch box.

Wanted to have the crystal jade promo but it ended already!!!

So here at the food court having thunder tea rice and since I need my meat, ordered extra steam chicken from the chicken rice stall.

#hakkamui #leicha #morevegethanvegetarian #lovethisla #pseudochinesebutconfirmveryhakka

We are here!!!

And we ordered aburi sushi already and some grilled stuff!!!

Er omg!

My pictures are equally as bad!! @hansumboi

I Really didn't take pictures of the aburi sushi la!

It really melts in your mouth.

And this ah boy talk so much n eat so slow, I scold him so many times to eat faster!! Hahha.

And Isaac is refusing durians!!

Isaac, we ate red prawn #notprawnstar #anghie and it was good and sweet. Just don't ask us how much it cost! Hehe.

And not jelak as mau sang or butter durian. I think red prawn is my fav species now.

That's all the photos I took le!!!!


Also we feel so honored that we are both @hansumboi first meet up.

I do hope you've enjoyed yourself tonight.

And I hope your dad is ok!

Good morning everyone.

Pizza frittata again. Haha

Just re-read my post from last night, and I totally sound like an incoherent baboon.

I had the most worth it lunch at crystal jade today.

SGD10.70 including gst for half portion la mian, 4 xiao long bao and 6 dumpling in spicy chili sauce with a drink. I'm so freaking full now.

Of course I for see myself on the porcelain throne later, but it's so worth it!!!

Post work out dinner.

Cinnamon pork chops and asparagus.

Pizza for breakfast yo!!

And batman is having carrot cake for breakkie. He so healthy haha. 😸😸

Super duper blur face. Just wouldn't wake up.

Today, Isaac just, cannot.

@doooduuu sunglasses by you.

I brought the failed cookies to work. N I can't stop eating them.



Roasted chicken and raw spinach.

I had the most amazing food. Ribs and chuck flap.

Korean yo, Korean!!

And I feel like I won the lottery & Christmas combine.

Thank you so much @strawbee and @shalinho for your generosity!!

This is super amazing. I cannot describe.

But meeting these two intellect that really made my night.

It's literally us talking about everything and about nothing.

@strawbee you should know that you are an inspiration to an aunty like me! I do love an entrepreneur spirit and the characters you've met in your life has made you the way you are. If only I can be half that you have achieved. Haha. I would be settled for life.

And dear @shalinho the sweet and most level headed person who gives good sound advice.

Ahhhh my life is so much richer listening on your stories. 😍😍😍

Totally enjoyed the girls night out!!!

Cos girls… So must selfie.

You guys, I just jizzed in my pants!!

Pin up girls yo!! Pin up!!

Gonna have some fun admiring them.

EVERYONE!! The famed tea jelly!!!

Hahha. Not your average ntuc jam hor #sorrynotsorry

Paleo chocolate chip cookies. 3rd time the charm, hopefully!

Good morning. 2 boiled eggs

Roasted chicken and raw spinach.


Post workout dinner.

Chicken steam hainanese style and raw spinach with pine nuts.

I think today's one looks the best!!!!

Finally. Can give you two to try @strawbee @shalinho

I might not taste as good but at least it looks decent la.

#paleocookies #grainfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #coconutsugar #notbrownsugar #morelikepalmsugar #gulamelakacookies #wohoo #hashtaggery #eatthemwillya #ifitsucksjustchuckthem.

So excited tomorrow!!

Wohoo. Will literally be like the sticker above.

Finally!!! I know what Isaac has been singing about!!!

He keep on "shizijia" I'm like wtf??

Today we passed by St Joseph int otw to his school and there was a cross on the building.

And he pointed to the cross and said "SHIZIJIA"

I just googled it and there you have it!!

Good morning!!!

Attempt to bake again!

Today's batter looks much runnier/wetter.

Used the correct almond flour

I doubled the sugar. Ahhaha. I hope don't sweet die me.

And used extra extra large eggs. The 62g/egg type because I figured, Ang Moh recipe use angmoh sized eggs lo. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Mixed the Choc chunks and chips with hands.

Looks better than yesterday la.

Let it cool first. Later taste.

Shower first because raw eggs splattered on me. Better get away from Isaac before he hugs me.

Isaac having his weekly roti fix!

@choopeechu now show us yours!

Wohooo. I made cookies that tastes like cake!

*flip table*

Not worth baking.

Really FML

I love this little guy man.

Once the ichiban boshi teriyaki don touched the table, he couldn't wait.

Got some of the rice into his mouth but I didn't manage to capture it.

Faster faster. Moar moar!

A big spoonful going in!!!

He ate all the chicken today. Left 3-4 tablespoon of rice only.

Full stock spotted at novena velocity Watson!!

Hurry hurry get all 4 today!!!!

@doooduuu @calistallicious @xiive @hansumboi @strawbee @shalinho

Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Good morning everyone!

Having a great breakfast to kickstart an awesome day.

Eggs Benedict!!

Having some free time before my PT session, so gonna attempt some paleo cookies.

Cream the Palm Shortening and egg in the mixer

Followed by coconut sugar, honey and vanilla emulsion

Then throw in almond flour, coconut flour and baking soda.

Then hand stir in dark chocolate pieces and dairy free chocolate chips.

Shape them into balls and flatten them.

And bake for 10 minutes.

Omfg they puff up so big one!!

Smells good. I've been in dearth of good cookies.

So this will do.

Let them cool down a little bit and I'll do a taste test.

Not sweet at all. Should be called salty biscuits. Wtf man.



My eggs are too small, they cant bind the dough properly. Need to buy AA grade eggs. I'm using C grade eggs.

And will definitely only put a pinch of salt instead of 1/2 tsp like they ask.

And increase the coconut sugar.




I also use the wrong almond flour. Recipe called for blanched almond flour I went and use brown almond flour still with skin.

Will try again next … Month. Hahaha.

Someone so poor thing.

Playing Borrowed PS 3 and on his computer screen. Haha

At the German restaurant in united square.

Fried beehon with pork knuckle.

It really has the home cook feel.

Wohooo!!! There is hope!!

I found it!!

@doooduuu @calistallicious @Eviee @choopeechu

Er u girls want one?


And wtf. Where did my beautiful pork knuckle picture went!!

Good morning!!

Let's wake up and play with our new car toys!

Ok ok finally I'm up.

Chicken fingers and avocado for breakie.

Bento set for lunch.

And because I better not be so greedy.

Did u guys know that novena mrt has a special place (like a smoker designation spot) for meeting people.

I cannot tahan, so took picture of said spot with signboard.

Roasted chicken again!!

#portioncontrol round 1

I wanted to give shout out to @doooduuu

She so nice can. It's no secret that we wanna be pregnant this year and she thoughtfully pass me all her samples from previous company!!

And the plastic bag!

Like "the secret" attract all this baby thoughts, sure will get baby right. Hahha.

3 obimin, 2 revicon, 1 enzyplex and an immunped for Isaac!!

Thank you for keeping us healthy.

Batman don't need all this one.

See…. This is what batman gets from his patients.

Wohoooo. I don't know what it was initially. He said its some boozy cake.

It's carrot cake from chalkfarm

First time seeing this brand though.

We are sooo blessed.

Thank you universe for connecting us with awesome ppl.

I can only entertain them with my #TheJuiceSound and cow milk and being the president of #dayrehamsupclub

Bahahhah. Courting danger from saying that. πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Release stress sikit brother.

Meet up day!

Good morning!

Try something different for breakfast.

Mash tinned salmon, avocado, a little olive oil, onions and salt and pepper.

Wehee. I had a lunch date with @yellojelloo to get myself some new supply!

And then….

I brought her and little Tiffany to check out some toys!!! 😈😈

And GWC Watson only left fireman and Frenchmen leh!!!

Really sold out liow the rest!!!

@Eviee your side there any tennis coach available??

Hallo everybody. I had this for dinner.

Now I stomach ache.

Bad lighting la, cannot see properly.

We also had army stew. Not bad ah. First time having the spicy soup.

And extras for the army stew!

Food was good but the company was even better!!!!

I got to meet 2 dayreans today which I've been pestering them to do so!!!

@calistallicious and @doooduuu are a ball to be around with!!

Omg so funny can. And this cat is funny and witty but put dodo cheng together and their like this dynamic duo person. I'm so glad they decided to grace me with their presence.

As usual Isaac was being antisocial. Don't wan to make eye contact n say thank u when he got gifts!

So full now ah.

After that we had ice cream at milk cow/ cow milk!!

So good!

Yes yes, waffles again.

Fuuuu!!! Encounter crazy girl on bus today!!!

She look at me with rage like I stole her bf like that.

Sitting down dayre minding my own business then look up. Saw her side way glance me. Super weird. I tot she cock eye type so I looked at her face. Then she looked away. N then she side way glance at me again!

Wtf!!! So offended by my awesome hair isit???

Cc: @calistallicious

Made me miss my bus stop cos I looked down and chuckled internally.

Said hair. Today nubbad. Use new styling cream.

Sorry I offended you with nice hair.

Hahha distracted myself on Google. Click on the earth day icon and do the quiz.

Find out what animal are you.

Apparently im a giant squid with massive tentacles.

Looking mighty fine there chicky!!!

Ala carte Texas chicken. Because ran out of food. And because I want.

Dinner tonight.

Chicken fingers and salad.


Just wanna post this. Dinner on Saturday night for both of us. Was very fulfilling dinner. Burp.


Good morning, soaked hazelnut flour waffles in honey.

Actually 1 is too little but 2 pcs is too much.

Good luck to batman today for his exit exam!!!

May you sprout genius answers from your mouth during the viva session.

Pew pew pew!


Grilled steak and roasted potatoes.

Key to medium rare beef tarpaued is only 30-40 seconds in the microwave. Any longer, it's gonna be rubber

Still a bit medium. I like. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Feeling abit kancheong now.

Think aunty coming.

Also kan cheong on how batman will do, you know, because I want the Stokke haha.

Dam selfish reasons. Like, who cares bout him, it's all me me me me me.


Thanks ah uncle for putting ur feet up.

You must be super tired.

I can only say thank god it doesn't smell

Cc; @calistallicious as horror bus ride buddies.

Dinner tonight!!!

Lemon broiled salmon and steam broccoli.

#portioncontrol tonight.

Loving my 3 "blisters"


Townhall at golden screen cinema.

Good morning.

It's hazelnut flour waffles today. (And a few more days thereafter. πŸ˜ͺ)

Girl lifter problems.

And this are trough gloves!!

Time to lift heavier!

By any chance, does someone know how to read palms? Haha.

Salad with crunchy curry minced beef for #leftoverlunch today!!

Man, I hope this last till 3pm.

Sigh, stroller envy.

If the next one confirm girl, I'm gonna BUY!!

Because I was too sensible for #1 and I really didn't get all the branded big ticket items at all.

I didn't even get pregnancy clothes la and looked fugly throughout pregnancy.

Also went looking for undies for Isaac.

Time to really intro undies to him. He's been off diapers when we are home with him. Less accidents now.

He's ok outside unless we get distracted. Must ask him to pee every 2 hours. Ahhaa like toilet training a puppy!!

Marks n spencer abit better quality (pic above) are 5 for sgd 14.90 for the plain ones and $24.90/5 for Thomas.

Angry at paying more for inferior quality ones. Felt cheated once again by Cotton on. Bought them @3 pc undies for sgd15!

Just finish watching a movie!

Our company had a Townhall meeting at a cinema followed by a movie screening.

But it was a bout cancer which what our company deals with.

A public service education.

How well do you know cancer.

Question: what is the leading PREVENTABLE cause of cancer?
A: Tobacco (looking at you here @xiive)
B: obesity
C: air pollution
D: genetic disposition.

Answer: it's B!!

Conclusion: you can continue smoking, just don't be obese. Haha. Not true la ok. If you smoke and you are obese then it's very high risk.


More meat tonight. And some roasted potatoes.


Grass fed beef tenderloin grilled with kosong roasted potatoes. Just salt n pepper no oil.

Blimey!!! It's really freaking hot today!!!


Thank god we've got a communist hat to shield ourselves.

Only $3! Score.

Who are you calling a communist???

Want a piece of me??

Huh!! Wanna!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

*grabs iphone*

I love my kappa maki!!

This is my 2nd plate.

Ate a grand total of 15 pieces. Could have been 16, but I accidentally dropped one piece on the floor.

Thank you God for the food we eat, bless our family and our friends, in Jesus name we pray Amen.

Yeay can eat now!!!

Yup. The above is what Isaac always sings during mealtimes.

So happy so happy!!!

My god boy, you are only 2+ and you eat like a football player.

I can't imagine when you are actually a teenager, how much our grocery bills are going to be!!!!

And if #2 is also a boy, and with your appetite, me and batman are completely FINISHED!

Isaacs food log for today

8.00am: 1 bowl of oats, about 200gm, 1 peach, some breadstick snack.

11.00am: 1 whole piece of roti canai/prata.

2.00pm: (mummy I'm hungry, I want animal pasta) Made 1/2cup of allergen free pasta with chicken slice and seasoned with rosemary, himalaya rock salt and olive oil. Finished everything.

6.30pm: 1 adult bowl of teriyaki chicken from ichiban boshi (suppose to share but I was left with 3-4 tbsp of rice only). He ate all the teriyaki chicken. 3 slices of watermelon from dinner set.

In between all these, he snacked on some happy times puffs and allergen free chocolate chip biscuits.


Good morning everyone!!

Wishing you a good breakfast!!

My #leftoverlunch

Shrimp scampi creamy garlic fettuccini.

Yummier overnight.

We went for play with my ex colleagues friends place.

She just moved nearby and invited 2 of us so our boys can play together.

So darn difficult to get the boys together for a picture!!

Isaac was like cruising in the water. He wasn't afraid.

He also fell in head first and errr I didn't rush to pick him up hehe

Hehe got like GQ babies or not??

Ate some pasta at my friends place as well. Kosong one la. Just a touch of bolognase sauce.

Came back after 4 hrs and have not had his nap.

Having some corn as snacks.

And now some grapes.

Finally passed out at 3.30pm.


Done my tax claim relief. Lucky my company has opt in for auto efiling and I don't have to do much except claim my Foreign maid levy relief.

Leftover roast chicken for breakfast.

Lunch omnyomnyoms

#leftoverlunch of crunchy curried beef lettuce cups.

Having very early dinner!!!

The corn and bowl of pasta is Isaacs dinner.

Shrimp scampi with creamy garlic "fettuccini"

Smells so good the "pasta".

Side of leftover grilled beef haha.


But I think I'll eat more later. So hungry.

Post dinner, we decided to take a walk around the hood.

Went to check out watson for some firemen. No where to be seen. Either they don't stock it here or its all sold out.

So we decided to treat Isaac a post dinner snack of roti canai/prata!!!

Aummmm. I really don't mind him eating a lot.

@hansumboi take note ah. Small kid eat 3/4 corn, 1 big bowl pasta and now 1 prata!!!

But rest assured, he doesn't really like durian. Won't Chiong with you!

Good morning everyone. More bacon and eggs.

Steak yo, steakkkk!!


Crunchy curry beef lettuce cup.

And jicama fries for sides.


And frankly no appetite.

This is what 1 hour of heavy lifting and hearing bad news looks like.

I want to punch somebody.

But it's ok!

Just getting home and spending time with this bundle of joy makes the world a better place.

😍😍😍 such a joy.

Baked egg muffins and avocado for breakfast.

Omg. I tot I died and went to tvb period drama series hell/heaven!!!

What on earth 2 traditionally grab china man doing here??

Walking otw to my bus stop!

Quickly took a shot of them. Actually I wanted to ask photo with them but pls, not so early in the morning.

To back up batman story that I gave birth. Haha.

Look like shit after that ok.

In actual fact, Isaac didn't cry once he came out. He was slimy and very purpley in Colour. I requested that they put him on my chest right after he came out.

The consultant and my friend acceded to my request and there, all slimey and warm and bloody on my chest he started salivating and looking for boobs!!! I held him with all that warmth n goo n guided him to the food source n he never left!

He only cried after they said "Jo, we need to clean him up, measure his height and weight. For a while only ok?"

Yank him off me and Wah!!! That's the first we heard of his hearty cry!!! Dam loud ok.

My mother who was with me in the labour ward told me that no sound came out from my room at all. She was freaking worried! Other moms were shouting their head off!

"Alice" has already warn me not to shout and push with my face. So I was silent throughout my whole birth ok! So obedient.

#leftoverlunch today!!!

Lemon herb roasted chicken!!!

I've done my duty as president.

It really is for sale le!!!

@Eviee have you checked it out?

Hi ya!

Will be having steak again. Grassfed beef tenderloin. With raw spinach and pine nuts.


We do buy in bulk our meats and cuts. Hence you'll see the repetitions in our meals. And leftover. Hehe.

Hello everyone. I would like to announce my…





Yup. This happened 20 minutes after I ate marks & Spencer's chocolate chip and white chocolate chunky cookie.

That's how my tummy roll yo.

Yes u can congratulate me if u want. πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΏπŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

Ah boy @hansumboi this is me and batmans face whenever you comment something. Hahahha

I cannot. Good night. Zzzzzz 😴😴😴


Good morning!!

Breakfast of smoked turkey and egg.

Last night was terrible!!

See this little shit here.

Kept sleeping horizontally and kicking the dad in the ribs.

His head as usually rolling from my boobs downwards to my tummy. Then up again.

Forming a link bridge between me and the dad.

Sheesh. Socks all kicked off in the process.

#leftoverlunch yo!

Shrimp pad Thai from last nights dinner.


PSA of the day!

Did you know that Watson Singapore sells personal massagers!!

Get yours today before ppl complain and watson have to pull it off their shelves!!

Hurry hurry!!!!

I no need to buy. *smug*

According to my reliable sources, they are 4 types and one of them is called the Frenchmen.

I think they cost less then sgd 100 but more than sgd 50? Not sure.

Multiple uses, safer than hiring a gigolo and much cheaper!!!

#notasponsoredpost #butidontmindiftheysponsorme

Sexy ah?

Yup, pretty sexy.

Lemon herb roasted chicken.

So easy to make.

Smells so good. And so easy to eat.

#portioncontrol win

Batdude took Isaac out for a walk.

Heard some music, and proceeded to prance.

I know his got rhythm. I'm so going to send him to dance class when he gets to 4 yo. @kianga then can dance with you!!!!

Dude, why so serious??? Only 33 months old ma.

Watching them peeps playing basketball.

Batman is Editors Pick

Good morning!!

Baked egg, bacon and chicken meat muffins for breakfast.

Blur early morning look!

So suspicious looking.

Or a cute bulgar look!!

Took this after his shower yesterday. Insists on wearing his face mask (which I bought to wear on the bus just in case his fever is more than just viral).

Eh everybody!!

Lookie who is on editors pick!


Lunch today!

Sushi box from cold storage.

Because no more leftovers at home.

Mmmmmmm paleo shrimp pad Thai for dinner tonight.

Zucchini as noodles, and sauce made with almond butter.

#portioncontrol tonight.


So this conversation happen over dinner.

😈: Ooohhh im going to check out myyyy Editors Pick *wink wink*

πŸ‘¦: Oooooo!! 😱😚😚

If bat sign flashes and light up the skyline tonight, no ones coming to save you. Gotham got to solve its own crimes for tonight.

#president #dayrehamsupclub #lailiowlailiow

@calistallicious @doooduuu @xiive @choopeechu @chatoyant @Eviee

Need to tag, because I kinda like spectators. Hahahahaha

Is it just me

Every time I type editors it auto corrects to Ediot.


#sorrynotsorry it's my iPhone not me!


Someone's in a celebratory mood tonight!!

That means no bat cave visits.

Not that he gets imbibed, more like I can't stand the smell of alcohol sanitizers.

He doesn't get drunk one. Just smell of alcohol. *hick*

Dental appointment, shopping loot.

Good morning everyone!!!!

Having a ball of the time circling grandmas house in my bike!

Just keep pedaling.

Yeay! First time he is able to cycle fully without anyone's help.

I think because he grew a little taller so his feet is able to reach the pedal and do a full circle.

Refuse oats and only want strawberries for breakfast.


Pun Chun Bidor duck noodles, mushroom chicken feet and kopi Peng (yes got dairy & gluten) but so worth it.

Forgot to take picture of Isaac walloping his Char Siew rice. He finish 3/4 of the adult portion. *satisfied*

Happy #internationalsiblings day!

Having coffee with my little sister.

She drove me out to the shopping center called paradigm mall.

Later more shopping!!

I buy, she carry my bags hahahha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My kind of tea time treats!!

Spicy buffalo wings at plan B

Loots for today!!!

Zara bag, 3 shoes, 1 rain boots for Isaac, 1 bra, 5 accessories & 1 baby dress from marks and spencer for a friend.


All this only at SGD 237. Hehe.

Updates on my teeth.

Please ignore my Jackie chan nose and Coach eye bags.

So I've completed my Invisalign treatment. But dentist and I think it's not satisfactory at all.

See bottom teeth, it's doing a Mexican wave!!

We are going in for a refinement and asking the Invisalign company to do something about the bottom teeth.

Top teeth is decent, but still has room for improvement.

All my gaps are closed.

In total, took me 8 months to complete this cycle.

Full of meat Friday!!!

As oppose to #meatlessmonday

Smoked turkey leg and chicken wrap in bacon.

Good morning to you Isaac!

Woke up and ask us to switch the lights on. And he got ready with this face. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

And we needed to check his temperature.

Yes, Isaac checks his own temperature. Quite accurate one.

This morning it's 36.6*C

But we are still not letting him go school.

Ahahah spied on him.

Looks like he's doing some ab exercise with his book.

#stalkermomseries #cctv

Yup feel the abs burn. Tuck Ur abs in and push with ur hands.


Toddlers are super athletic. He can do planks with just his big toes supporting his whole body weight! I got to learn from him man.

Back home now and having #leftoverlunch

Mustard glazed chicken, cauliflower mash and raw spinach with pine nuts

Isaac is taking his mid day nap.

Yo haters, we be rolling.

In the bus! Haha. Otw to see grandma. Wohoo!

Oh my gosh. Running commentary to everything he sees.


Breakfast today!!!

Smoked turkey and fried egg.

Woke up late because isaac was having fever last night.

He woke up and told me he doesn't want to sleep.

He's currently at home terrorizing the helper.

He woke me up to ask me to take him to school. Cried when I wouldn't.

So I asked helper to take him for a morning walk.

Checked his temperature this am it was 37.2*C. It did go down but his head feels warm. Well better than 38 last night.

Of course he just boob boob boob the entire night.

No baby dance happened. Thwarted by a sick minion.

@hansumboi hey your gf interested ma?

@hansumboi it's today and tomorrow walk in interview!

Can't wait for lunch today.

Another 30 mins. Because I brought my beef tenderloin.

So tasty. Think Gonna stick to tenderloin only. But very pricey. Nvm consoling myself that I'm eating good quality meat.

Steak!!!! And raw spinach.

#leftoverlunch #packedlunch #eatclean

Today's test much lighter than yesterday.

Erm so yesterday LH surge so today should be ovulating haha.

#stalkermomseries #cctv

Crying at the helper. Asking her for mummy's milk.

She was showing him no more milk and opens the freezer to show him.

Poor boy so bored.

Then he got bored and pull out a book to read.

And was laughing. Cos he sat on the book and farted. Proceeded to tell the helper so.

Dinner tonight.

Mash cauliflower and mustard chicken.

#portioncontrol #eatclean

Poor Isaac.

Serhon got home and checked his temperature and it was 39*C. even higher than yesterday.

He gave him some paracetamol which he drank willingly according to hubs.

When I got back, temperature was down to 37*C.

Hopefully tomorrow he'll be better for the bus ride back to KL. Gonna go back to see grandma and also for my dental appointment.

CD 22. ?? LH test

So positive LH surge or not ah??

Nvm find out tomorrow lo when I test again.

So ambiguous.

If tomorrow stripes are darker than today, means tomorrow LH surge.

BBT today is 35.56β€’C

Hehe #stalkermomseries

Yes he's up by now. Usually he sleeps till 4.30pm and at night he doesn't sleep till 10pm.

Told helper to wake him up by 3pm and looks like his in the thick of play time!

#cctv #cctvismybestfriendatwork

Kayla itsiness BBG week 6

Just finish week 6 BBG abs and cardio.

I puked. Last time I did BBG was last Monday. OMG it's so bad.

Got #sexy?

More like #sweaty and red and breathless.

Dinner tonight.

Grassfed beef tenderloin and asparagus.

#eatclean #portioncontrol

Russell Peters Almost Famous show & almost wet dream

Have you guys been woken up mid way through this wonderful dream?

Where you were just about to be told how beautiful you are and the guy was just about to profess his love?

Doesn't look so good in photos but yea!

This dude here. We were gonna draw a business deal on manufacturing generic drugs and he was leaning over to tell me… Tell me…

Well I wouldn't know right??

I was awoken up by this whiny voice that said "wake up wake up, oiiii, wake up!! Time to go work, time to go school!"

Sumore being told to wake up not enough, he proceeds to take beautiful pictures of us.


Dam boyscout!

Upwards shot of nostrils.

Still look good.

We are anticipating to be stimulated real bad.

And with painful abs hopefully after the sessions.

The guy in my dreams is this dude right here!

Quite handsome. Half Angmoh


Beer battered fish and chips. Haha. Die me.

We is here.

Waiting to be tickled.

The show ended at 10.30pm and it was a good hour of him coming up with punch lines and jokes.

I love he make fun of the audience. He filled some lull moments with Indian sounds.

Quite surprised he didn't make fun of the Chinese in Singapore more. Even the Malays he didn't dare touch. Haha.

But the Indians had it bad and the doctors as well. Lols.

Overall I would gladly pay money to watch Russell Peters live again. This time front row center!

Hope you had an enjoyable birthday present!

Little and Big Monkeys.

Good morning.

Pizza quiche for breakfast.

Totally having the blues man.


Lamb chop and raw spinach with some pine nuts.

Must be yesterday dinner not enough meat hehe.

Snack time!!

Home made beef jerky. Ok la looks abit like poop


Just managed to stalk him. He looks so "baby" here.

On another front, his face has been updated as the cover photo of his kindy page. Femes much.

Said cover photo.

My super star!!!

Helper seems to be experimenting more and more in the kitchen.

Tonight's dinner is something new altogether.

Rainbow coleslaw with macadamia nut topping.

And chicken thighs with italian seasoning wrapped in bacon.



Couldn't finish 1/4 of chicken so off to husbands plate it went.

And he still so slim. Niama.

I'm always stuck in between these two Puah boys. All the time.

On the right, is an irritating small sound of Apple crunching in the small mouth of the boy.

And on my left, the orge chomping his apples in his huge jaws at an even louder decibel.

Can go mad one ok.

They are super loud.

Even in the bedroom at night. We have the baby on the left snoring small pig like snorts.

And the big baby on the right sounding like a choked up radiator. Sometimes it stops breathing and I have to whack it up to restart the motor.

Quite scary because suddenly so still and no sound. Need to double check still there or not.

Happy Easter Celebration.

Just finish 1 prata/canai and asking for another one.

"Daddy, order another one!"

Here, OCDing with putting prata in mouth and quickly wiping his hands after.

Getting pissed off because I asked him whether can I have some of his roti.

Eat so slow, then when I want to eat he refuse and faster stuff the rest of this roti in his mouth.

So selfish. But kids like that one.

Woooo daddy's toys.

Followed by daddy doing some public service.

Uncle was making quite an effort going up the slope, so he just push him up to the hospital side.

Isaac school had an Easter celebration and the school kids had a performance for everybody in church during evening service.

Isaac giving his all singing the song.

He definitely has his diva moments.

Trying to work the crowd.

Emphasizing how Jesus loves him!

Yeasus Ai wooooor!!!!

Hen aii woor

All you single ladies, better watch out. I'm coming for you.

Because I'm the star!!!

I'm number 1!!!!!!

It's been a hectic week and I felt like I haven't rested much!!!

Arriving back from Shanghai and lovely meet up with @reinalove and @cleochong and today having an Easter celebration at Isaac school!

It's been great but I wish I had more rest.

With that, I'd like to say

Happy Easter Everyone! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

And have a good night!

Isaac waiting anxiously for his date!!

With @cleochong and @reinalove

Isaac got two new gf!!

See this 2 love birds!!

The whole time touching each other.

But when I ask isaac who pretty. He go and say Colette @cleochong

Serpent hor!!!!

Went to look at fishes in novena square. Used to be our evening hangout place.

Nowadays no more time because occupied with school and neighbor Mei Mei and Jie Jie.

Haha we tarpaued Taiwan street food and ate at one of the benches in novena square.

So romantic hor.

I love this man!!

Sour plum sweet potato fries!

I'm one of those mothers who never put money inside.

Does that make me a bad mom??

Isaac is totally a frat boy!

The whole day he was making faces and all that.

This morning I reminded him that when he was sleeping, he fart in my hands!

Yes! Whilst sleeping. My hands was on his bum and he let out a rumbling one. And he laughed!!! In his sleep!!!!

And he continue farting throughout the day and laughing loudly. He thinks it's dam funny!

Just now for bedtime he quickly sat on my hands and said "want to fart on mummy hands, want to fart" and proceeded to fart!!

And it's the toxic type of fart OMG!!

Then he kept laughing and laughing.

And just before falling asleep he said "want to sit on mummy face and fart!"

He tried very very hard to sit on my face to fart. Of course failed cos I pushed him away n he was giggling like mad!

I seriously do not know where he learn all this from!

He's like those boarding school boys who is so out of control.

Doing silly things just for laughs!

Actually I do find it funny but I was trying to discipline him la. But I'm so chuckling inside. Hahah.

BEH tahan.

SEA Aquarium & Madam Tussaud.

Good morning everybody!!!

Back at our neighbourhood French coffee joint.

So handsome! The son, not the fagher.

Mmmm my croissant!!

"Isaac eat croissant" he says.

My eggs Benedict no toast.

And shared a pork rillet with the husband.


Arrived in RWS and its lunch time for Isaac already!!

Went looking for food for him.

As usual, settled chicken rice for him.


Wooooo. I love this part of the SEA aquarium. We sat down and watch the manta Rays and sharks for a good half an hour.

So peaceful.

Also went to madam Tussaud.

The new Singapore girl is on display.

Love them!

Can't tell that this is Angelina Jolie right

Yea. Im disappointed too.

Love her the most!

Commuted suicide for dinner.

Chicken fajitas and pork carnitas with side of boneless buffalo wings.

And dessert of Molten lava cake.

It's so good!!! I had about 1/4 it.

Now live darying from the porcelain throne. πŸ™ŠπŸ™Š

Tim Tam Slam & #weddingcheese

Woke up to sex machine pounding on my "like" button.

Totally feeeeling it.

@kianga welcome to the #dayrehumsupclub

After all the early morning excitement, we had steak for breakfast.

Hahah. Now raring to go!!

Stomach ache don't care.

Trying to do tim tam slam

Think I bite off too big at the edge.

Wah Lau.

Suck suck suck di the coffee never reach me.

The timtams did get soggy though.

Crispy or soggy still nice la ehehe. 😘

@calistallicious U need to gimme tuition and remedial class.

Need more material after this.

Oh oh!!

I tried it again!! This time I bite the tim tam smaller.

Suck n coffee soaked right through.

The aftermath of soggy timtams.

Ermmm u know. I think I much prefer the original form of its crispiness.

Totally loving the #weddingcheese tag.


Raw spinach and unidentifiable meat.

Ok la it's pork that looks like heart.

Ok some #weddingcheese time!

I'm trying to run away while fiancΓ© desperately try to clutch me tight. All happening under cable cars.

Some movie poster under some fern-like trees.

My neck does look very slender here though.

Let's count the tires stacked up.

Oh and the trees whilst we are at it.

And dam tired after climbing up those tires. Must rest first.

Ohhh darling, I'm so scared and lost in the woods.

Let's assure each other by smelling each other's breath.