Tim Tam Slam & #weddingcheese

Woke up to sex machine pounding on my "like" button.

Totally feeeeling it.

@kianga welcome to the #dayrehumsupclub

After all the early morning excitement, we had steak for breakfast.

Hahah. Now raring to go!!

Stomach ache don't care.

Trying to do tim tam slam

Think I bite off too big at the edge.

Wah Lau.

Suck suck suck di the coffee never reach me.

The timtams did get soggy though.

Crispy or soggy still nice la ehehe. 😘

@calistallicious U need to gimme tuition and remedial class.

Need more material after this.

Oh oh!!

I tried it again!! This time I bite the tim tam smaller.

Suck n coffee soaked right through.

The aftermath of soggy timtams.

Ermmm u know. I think I much prefer the original form of its crispiness.

Totally loving the #weddingcheese tag.


Raw spinach and unidentifiable meat.

Ok la it's pork that looks like heart.

Ok some #weddingcheese time!

I'm trying to run away while fiancé desperately try to clutch me tight. All happening under cable cars.

Some movie poster under some fern-like trees.

My neck does look very slender here though.

Let's count the tires stacked up.

Oh and the trees whilst we are at it.

And dam tired after climbing up those tires. Must rest first.

Ohhh darling, I'm so scared and lost in the woods.

Let's assure each other by smelling each other's breath.

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