SEA Aquarium & Madam Tussaud.

Good morning everybody!!!

Back at our neighbourhood French coffee joint.

So handsome! The son, not the fagher.

Mmmm my croissant!!

"Isaac eat croissant" he says.

My eggs Benedict no toast.

And shared a pork rillet with the husband.


Arrived in RWS and its lunch time for Isaac already!!

Went looking for food for him.

As usual, settled chicken rice for him.


Wooooo. I love this part of the SEA aquarium. We sat down and watch the manta Rays and sharks for a good half an hour.

So peaceful.

Also went to madam Tussaud.

The new Singapore girl is on display.

Love them!

Can't tell that this is Angelina Jolie right

Yea. Im disappointed too.

Love her the most!

Commuted suicide for dinner.

Chicken fajitas and pork carnitas with side of boneless buffalo wings.

And dessert of Molten lava cake.

It's so good!!! I had about 1/4 it.

Now live darying from the porcelain throne. 🙊🙊

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