Isaac waiting anxiously for his date!!

With @cleochong and @reinalove

Isaac got two new gf!!

See this 2 love birds!!

The whole time touching each other.

But when I ask isaac who pretty. He go and say Colette @cleochong

Serpent hor!!!!

Went to look at fishes in novena square. Used to be our evening hangout place.

Nowadays no more time because occupied with school and neighbor Mei Mei and Jie Jie.

Haha we tarpaued Taiwan street food and ate at one of the benches in novena square.

So romantic hor.

I love this man!!

Sour plum sweet potato fries!

I'm one of those mothers who never put money inside.

Does that make me a bad mom??

Isaac is totally a frat boy!

The whole day he was making faces and all that.

This morning I reminded him that when he was sleeping, he fart in my hands!

Yes! Whilst sleeping. My hands was on his bum and he let out a rumbling one. And he laughed!!! In his sleep!!!!

And he continue farting throughout the day and laughing loudly. He thinks it's dam funny!

Just now for bedtime he quickly sat on my hands and said "want to fart on mummy hands, want to fart" and proceeded to fart!!

And it's the toxic type of fart OMG!!

Then he kept laughing and laughing.

And just before falling asleep he said "want to sit on mummy face and fart!"

He tried very very hard to sit on my face to fart. Of course failed cos I pushed him away n he was giggling like mad!

I seriously do not know where he learn all this from!

He's like those boarding school boys who is so out of control.

Doing silly things just for laughs!

Actually I do find it funny but I was trying to discipline him la. But I'm so chuckling inside. Hahah.

BEH tahan.

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