Little and Big Monkeys.

Good morning.

Pizza quiche for breakfast.

Totally having the blues man.


Lamb chop and raw spinach with some pine nuts.

Must be yesterday dinner not enough meat hehe.

Snack time!!

Home made beef jerky. Ok la looks abit like poop


Just managed to stalk him. He looks so "baby" here.

On another front, his face has been updated as the cover photo of his kindy page. Femes much.

Said cover photo.

My super star!!!

Helper seems to be experimenting more and more in the kitchen.

Tonight's dinner is something new altogether.

Rainbow coleslaw with macadamia nut topping.

And chicken thighs with italian seasoning wrapped in bacon.



Couldn't finish 1/4 of chicken so off to husbands plate it went.

And he still so slim. Niama.

I'm always stuck in between these two Puah boys. All the time.

On the right, is an irritating small sound of Apple crunching in the small mouth of the boy.

And on my left, the orge chomping his apples in his huge jaws at an even louder decibel.

Can go mad one ok.

They are super loud.

Even in the bedroom at night. We have the baby on the left snoring small pig like snorts.

And the big baby on the right sounding like a choked up radiator. Sometimes it stops breathing and I have to whack it up to restart the motor.

Quite scary because suddenly so still and no sound. Need to double check still there or not.

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