CD 22. ?? LH test

So positive LH surge or not ah??

Nvm find out tomorrow lo when I test again.

So ambiguous.

If tomorrow stripes are darker than today, means tomorrow LH surge.

BBT today is 35.56•C

Hehe #stalkermomseries

Yes he's up by now. Usually he sleeps till 4.30pm and at night he doesn't sleep till 10pm.

Told helper to wake him up by 3pm and looks like his in the thick of play time!

#cctv #cctvismybestfriendatwork

Kayla itsiness BBG week 6

Just finish week 6 BBG abs and cardio.

I puked. Last time I did BBG was last Monday. OMG it's so bad.

Got #sexy?

More like #sweaty and red and breathless.

Dinner tonight.

Grassfed beef tenderloin and asparagus.

#eatclean #portioncontrol

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