Breakfast today!!!

Smoked turkey and fried egg.

Woke up late because isaac was having fever last night.

He woke up and told me he doesn't want to sleep.

He's currently at home terrorizing the helper.

He woke me up to ask me to take him to school. Cried when I wouldn't.

So I asked helper to take him for a morning walk.

Checked his temperature this am it was 37.2*C. It did go down but his head feels warm. Well better than 38 last night.

Of course he just boob boob boob the entire night.

No baby dance happened. Thwarted by a sick minion.

@hansumboi hey your gf interested ma?

@hansumboi it's today and tomorrow walk in interview!

Can't wait for lunch today.

Another 30 mins. Because I brought my beef tenderloin.

So tasty. Think Gonna stick to tenderloin only. But very pricey. Nvm consoling myself that I'm eating good quality meat.

Steak!!!! And raw spinach.

#leftoverlunch #packedlunch #eatclean

Today's test much lighter than yesterday.

Erm so yesterday LH surge so today should be ovulating haha.

#stalkermomseries #cctv

Crying at the helper. Asking her for mummy's milk.

She was showing him no more milk and opens the freezer to show him.

Poor boy so bored.

Then he got bored and pull out a book to read.

And was laughing. Cos he sat on the book and farted. Proceeded to tell the helper so.

Dinner tonight.

Mash cauliflower and mustard chicken.

#portioncontrol #eatclean

Poor Isaac.

Serhon got home and checked his temperature and it was 39*C. even higher than yesterday.

He gave him some paracetamol which he drank willingly according to hubs.

When I got back, temperature was down to 37*C.

Hopefully tomorrow he'll be better for the bus ride back to KL. Gonna go back to see grandma and also for my dental appointment.

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