Full of meat Friday!!!

As oppose to #meatlessmonday

Smoked turkey leg and chicken wrap in bacon.

Good morning to you Isaac!

Woke up and ask us to switch the lights on. And he got ready with this face. 😂😂😂

And we needed to check his temperature.

Yes, Isaac checks his own temperature. Quite accurate one.

This morning it's 36.6*C

But we are still not letting him go school.

Ahahah spied on him.

Looks like he's doing some ab exercise with his book.

#stalkermomseries #cctv

Yup feel the abs burn. Tuck Ur abs in and push with ur hands.


Toddlers are super athletic. He can do planks with just his big toes supporting his whole body weight! I got to learn from him man.

Back home now and having #leftoverlunch

Mustard glazed chicken, cauliflower mash and raw spinach with pine nuts

Isaac is taking his mid day nap.

Yo haters, we be rolling.

In the bus! Haha. Otw to see grandma. Wohoo!

Oh my gosh. Running commentary to everything he sees.


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