Dental appointment, shopping loot.

Good morning everyone!!!!

Having a ball of the time circling grandmas house in my bike!

Just keep pedaling.

Yeay! First time he is able to cycle fully without anyone's help.

I think because he grew a little taller so his feet is able to reach the pedal and do a full circle.

Refuse oats and only want strawberries for breakfast.


Pun Chun Bidor duck noodles, mushroom chicken feet and kopi Peng (yes got dairy & gluten) but so worth it.

Forgot to take picture of Isaac walloping his Char Siew rice. He finish 3/4 of the adult portion. *satisfied*

Happy #internationalsiblings day!

Having coffee with my little sister.

She drove me out to the shopping center called paradigm mall.

Later more shopping!!

I buy, she carry my bags hahahha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My kind of tea time treats!!

Spicy buffalo wings at plan B

Loots for today!!!

Zara bag, 3 shoes, 1 rain boots for Isaac, 1 bra, 5 accessories & 1 baby dress from marks and spencer for a friend.


All this only at SGD 237. Hehe.

Updates on my teeth.

Please ignore my Jackie chan nose and Coach eye bags.

So I've completed my Invisalign treatment. But dentist and I think it's not satisfactory at all.

See bottom teeth, it's doing a Mexican wave!!

We are going in for a refinement and asking the Invisalign company to do something about the bottom teeth.

Top teeth is decent, but still has room for improvement.

All my gaps are closed.

In total, took me 8 months to complete this cycle.

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