Batman is Editors Pick

Good morning!!

Baked egg, bacon and chicken meat muffins for breakfast.

Blur early morning look!

So suspicious looking.

Or a cute bulgar look!!

Took this after his shower yesterday. Insists on wearing his face mask (which I bought to wear on the bus just in case his fever is more than just viral).

Eh everybody!!

Lookie who is on editors pick!


Lunch today!

Sushi box from cold storage.

Because no more leftovers at home.

Mmmmmmm paleo shrimp pad Thai for dinner tonight.

Zucchini as noodles, and sauce made with almond butter.

#portioncontrol tonight.


So this conversation happen over dinner.

😈: Ooohhh im going to check out myyyy Editors Pick *wink wink*

πŸ‘¦: Oooooo!! 😱😚😚

If bat sign flashes and light up the skyline tonight, no ones coming to save you. Gotham got to solve its own crimes for tonight.

#president #dayrehamsupclub #lailiowlailiow

@calistallicious @doooduuu @xiive @choopeechu @chatoyant @Eviee

Need to tag, because I kinda like spectators. Hahahahaha

Is it just me

Every time I type editors it auto corrects to Ediot.


#sorrynotsorry it's my iPhone not me!


Someone's in a celebratory mood tonight!!

That means no bat cave visits.

Not that he gets imbibed, more like I can't stand the smell of alcohol sanitizers.

He doesn't get drunk one. Just smell of alcohol. *hick*

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