Good morning!!

Breakfast of smoked turkey and egg.

Last night was terrible!!

See this little shit here.

Kept sleeping horizontally and kicking the dad in the ribs.

His head as usually rolling from my boobs downwards to my tummy. Then up again.

Forming a link bridge between me and the dad.

Sheesh. Socks all kicked off in the process.

#leftoverlunch yo!

Shrimp pad Thai from last nights dinner.


PSA of the day!

Did you know that Watson Singapore sells personal massagers!!

Get yours today before ppl complain and watson have to pull it off their shelves!!

Hurry hurry!!!!

I no need to buy. *smug*

According to my reliable sources, they are 4 types and one of them is called the Frenchmen.

I think they cost less then sgd 100 but more than sgd 50? Not sure.

Multiple uses, safer than hiring a gigolo and much cheaper!!!

#notasponsoredpost #butidontmindiftheysponsorme

Sexy ah?

Yup, pretty sexy.

Lemon herb roasted chicken.

So easy to make.

Smells so good. And so easy to eat.

#portioncontrol win

Batdude took Isaac out for a walk.

Heard some music, and proceeded to prance.

I know his got rhythm. I'm so going to send him to dance class when he gets to 4 yo. @kianga then can dance with you!!!!

Dude, why so serious??? Only 33 months old ma.

Watching them peeps playing basketball.

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