Leftover roast chicken for breakfast.

Lunch omnyomnyoms

#leftoverlunch of crunchy curried beef lettuce cups.

Having very early dinner!!!

The corn and bowl of pasta is Isaacs dinner.

Shrimp scampi with creamy garlic "fettuccini"

Smells so good the "pasta".

Side of leftover grilled beef haha.


But I think I'll eat more later. So hungry.

Post dinner, we decided to take a walk around the hood.

Went to check out watson for some firemen. No where to be seen. Either they don't stock it here or its all sold out.

So we decided to treat Isaac a post dinner snack of roti canai/prata!!!

Aummmm. I really don't mind him eating a lot.

@hansumboi take note ah. Small kid eat 3/4 corn, 1 big bowl pasta and now 1 prata!!!

But rest assured, he doesn't really like durian. Won't Chiong with you!

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