Good morning everyone!!

Wishing you a good breakfast!!

My #leftoverlunch

Shrimp scampi creamy garlic fettuccini.

Yummier overnight.

We went for play with my ex colleagues friends place.

She just moved nearby and invited 2 of us so our boys can play together.

So darn difficult to get the boys together for a picture!!

Isaac was like cruising in the water. He wasn't afraid.

He also fell in head first and errr I didn't rush to pick him up hehe

Hehe got like GQ babies or not??

Ate some pasta at my friends place as well. Kosong one la. Just a touch of bolognase sauce.

Came back after 4 hrs and have not had his nap.

Having some corn as snacks.

And now some grapes.

Finally passed out at 3.30pm.


Done my tax claim relief. Lucky my company has opt in for auto efiling and I don't have to do much except claim my Foreign maid levy relief.

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