Townhall at golden screen cinema.

Good morning.

It's hazelnut flour waffles today. (And a few more days thereafter. 😪)

Girl lifter problems.

And this are trough gloves!!

Time to lift heavier!

By any chance, does someone know how to read palms? Haha.

Salad with crunchy curry minced beef for #leftoverlunch today!!

Man, I hope this last till 3pm.

Sigh, stroller envy.

If the next one confirm girl, I'm gonna BUY!!

Because I was too sensible for #1 and I really didn't get all the branded big ticket items at all.

I didn't even get pregnancy clothes la and looked fugly throughout pregnancy.

Also went looking for undies for Isaac.

Time to really intro undies to him. He's been off diapers when we are home with him. Less accidents now.

He's ok outside unless we get distracted. Must ask him to pee every 2 hours. Ahhaa like toilet training a puppy!!

Marks n spencer abit better quality (pic above) are 5 for sgd 14.90 for the plain ones and $24.90/5 for Thomas.

Angry at paying more for inferior quality ones. Felt cheated once again by Cotton on. Bought them @3 pc undies for sgd15!

Just finish watching a movie!

Our company had a Townhall meeting at a cinema followed by a movie screening.

But it was a bout cancer which what our company deals with.

A public service education.

How well do you know cancer.

Question: what is the leading PREVENTABLE cause of cancer?
A: Tobacco (looking at you here @xiive)
B: obesity
C: air pollution
D: genetic disposition.

Answer: it's B!!

Conclusion: you can continue smoking, just don't be obese. Haha. Not true la ok. If you smoke and you are obese then it's very high risk.


More meat tonight. And some roasted potatoes.


Grass fed beef tenderloin grilled with kosong roasted potatoes. Just salt n pepper no oil.

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