Yes yes, waffles again.

Fuuuu!!! Encounter crazy girl on bus today!!!

She look at me with rage like I stole her bf like that.

Sitting down dayre minding my own business then look up. Saw her side way glance me. Super weird. I tot she cock eye type so I looked at her face. Then she looked away. N then she side way glance at me again!

Wtf!!! So offended by my awesome hair isit???

Cc: @calistallicious

Made me miss my bus stop cos I looked down and chuckled internally.

Said hair. Today nubbad. Use new styling cream.

Sorry I offended you with nice hair.

Hahha distracted myself on Google. Click on the earth day icon and do the quiz.

Find out what animal are you.

Apparently im a giant squid with massive tentacles.

Looking mighty fine there chicky!!!

Ala carte Texas chicken. Because ran out of food. And because I want.

Dinner tonight.

Chicken fingers and salad.


Just wanna post this. Dinner on Saturday night for both of us. Was very fulfilling dinner. Burp.

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