Meet up day!

Good morning!

Try something different for breakfast.

Mash tinned salmon, avocado, a little olive oil, onions and salt and pepper.

Wehee. I had a lunch date with @yellojelloo to get myself some new supply!

And then….

I brought her and little Tiffany to check out some toys!!! 😈😈

And GWC Watson only left fireman and Frenchmen leh!!!

Really sold out liow the rest!!!

@Eviee your side there any tennis coach available??

Hallo everybody. I had this for dinner.

Now I stomach ache.

Bad lighting la, cannot see properly.

We also had army stew. Not bad ah. First time having the spicy soup.

And extras for the army stew!

Food was good but the company was even better!!!!

I got to meet 2 dayreans today which I've been pestering them to do so!!!

@calistallicious and @doooduuu are a ball to be around with!!

Omg so funny can. And this cat is funny and witty but put dodo cheng together and their like this dynamic duo person. I'm so glad they decided to grace me with their presence.

As usual Isaac was being antisocial. Don't wan to make eye contact n say thank u when he got gifts!

So full now ah.

After that we had ice cream at milk cow/ cow milk!!

So good!

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