Good morning!!

Let's wake up and play with our new car toys!

Ok ok finally I'm up.

Chicken fingers and avocado for breakie.

Bento set for lunch.

And because I better not be so greedy.

Did u guys know that novena mrt has a special place (like a smoker designation spot) for meeting people.

I cannot tahan, so took picture of said spot with signboard.

Roasted chicken again!!

#portioncontrol round 1

I wanted to give shout out to @doooduuu

She so nice can. It's no secret that we wanna be pregnant this year and she thoughtfully pass me all her samples from previous company!!

And the plastic bag!

Like "the secret" attract all this baby thoughts, sure will get baby right. Hahha.

3 obimin, 2 revicon, 1 enzyplex and an immunped for Isaac!!

Thank you for keeping us healthy.

Batman don't need all this one.

See…. This is what batman gets from his patients.

Wohoooo. I don't know what it was initially. He said its some boozy cake.

It's carrot cake from chalkfarm

First time seeing this brand though.

We are sooo blessed.

Thank you universe for connecting us with awesome ppl.

I can only entertain them with my #TheJuiceSound and cow milk and being the president of #dayrehamsupclub

Bahahhah. Courting danger from saying that. πŸ‘†πŸΌπŸ‘†πŸΌ

Release stress sikit brother.

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