Good morning!!!

Attempt to bake again!

Today's batter looks much runnier/wetter.

Used the correct almond flour

I doubled the sugar. Ahhaha. I hope don't sweet die me.

And used extra extra large eggs. The 62g/egg type because I figured, Ang Moh recipe use angmoh sized eggs lo. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Mixed the Choc chunks and chips with hands.

Looks better than yesterday la.

Let it cool first. Later taste.

Shower first because raw eggs splattered on me. Better get away from Isaac before he hugs me.

Isaac having his weekly roti fix!

@choopeechu now show us yours!

Wohooo. I made cookies that tastes like cake!

*flip table*

Not worth baking.

Really FML

I love this little guy man.

Once the ichiban boshi teriyaki don touched the table, he couldn't wait.

Got some of the rice into his mouth but I didn't manage to capture it.

Faster faster. Moar moar!

A big spoonful going in!!!

He ate all the chicken today. Left 3-4 tablespoon of rice only.

Full stock spotted at novena velocity Watson!!

Hurry hurry get all 4 today!!!!

@doooduuu @calistallicious @xiive @hansumboi @strawbee @shalinho

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